How to remove background from image

It happens that you are on the photo came out well, but the background did not turn out. There may be random people, and just an ugly look, spoiling the atmosphere of photography. In this situation, the most successful solution will be to remove the background from the image. Removing the background is also useful when creating collages, remove background from image and advertising images.

Many users consider remove background from image task extremely difficult and painstaking. In fact, it is not difficult at all – you just need to have the right program. With Movavi Photo Editor, you can easily cut out the background of the image and then use the resulting photo for any purposes, for example: to create spectacular banners, funny pictures, etc. To find out how to remove the background in the photo using our Photo Editor, download the program and Follow the instructions below.

  1. Install the Movavi Photo Editor

    Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the program.

  2. Add an image

    To upload a photo to the program, click the Open File button or simply drag the image to the Photo Editor work area. Upload a snapshot to the Movavi Photo Editor to remove the background from the image
  3. Remove the background

    Click the Background Removal tab. Apply a green brush with a few strokes inside the objects you need in the foreground of the photo, and select the background you want to delete with a red brush. Use the eraser to adjust the selection. The program will outline your objects with a yellow outline. If you are satisfied with the way objects are selected, click the Background Change button. remove background from image using the tools on the Background Removal tab

    That’s all – the background is removed, and your objects are now on a transparent background. You can leave the background transparent, select a color to fill it, or put any picture as background by clicking the Add image button and selecting the desired photo. When the final result suits you, click Apply. Add a new background, after you cut out the background on the photo

4. Save the resulting image

Click the Save As button, select the appropriate graphic format and save the image to the hard disk.

Movavi Photo Editor is a multifunctional program for working with photos, which can be used not only for background removal, but also for many other tasks: improving image quality, framing, adding inscriptions, etc. The intuitive interface of the program will allow you to masterfully edit images even for a novice user.

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