How To Play 13 Cards Online Rummy

The card game of Indian rummy is the local game of people in the country. You can ask anybody in town about the game and they’ll tell you a story about it. People play it for entertainment and to sharpen their mathematical skills. There are some simple rules with which the game is played but there isn’t any textbook for it. It’s the same for online rummy as well. Before sitting at a table in a multiplayer game, we’d like to mention what you should do to increase your learning of the game.  Carefully read the ‘how to play section’ on rummy websites and if reading is not your cup of tea, then, there are some other options like watching tutorial videos. Finally, it’s a good idea to play practice games so you are able to put your learning to practice. Going over all these is a good approach to help you understand the core of the game.

Rules of Rummy

For 13 card online rummy you will need to:

  • Sort your cards first
  • Meld all existing cards into sequences or partial sequences
  • Use joker card or cards in hand to complete any impure sequences or sets
  • Shortlist new cards required
  • Identify cards that should be discarded
  • Make decision to pick next card from fresh card pile or discard pile
  • Complete melding all cards into sequences and sets
  • Make a valid declare

Sequences are the Crux of Rummy

Let’s not talk about rummy variations now and just keep a straight eye on the fundamentals. Each player is dealt a certain number of cards depending on the game they choose to play. The grounded stack of cards is available for all players present on the table to make a sequence and it depends on the number of decks we are dealing with. The flow or sequence of cards must be of the same suit (♣1, ♣2, ♣3)* this one is an example of the many pure sequences that we can form. So, make sure to note this one down as it’s the basic of the game.  You MUST form at least one 3 card pure sequence to make a valid declare in the 13 card rummy game. Other sequences can be made with the use of joker cards. These types of melds are known as impure sequences.

Remember! Keep your Eyes and Ears open

You can’t have pure or impure sequences at the time of the initial deal; you need to figure out your cards and how you manipulate the game to get those cards from your neighbors. Try to set yourself up for the card hunt and make a plan to get those from your fellow players. This is where you will need a keen power of observation and some card counting skills. The same is also valid for online rummy games. It is the most vital tip that can help you win the game. Most wizards of the game are specifically good at this skill.

Use of Joker    

The coolest card of the deck can be a game changer. It can make or break your game and the joker should not be considered the Clown as it’s actually the King maker.

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