How to Manage iCloud Storage using Apple ID and Password

Once you set up your iCloud account, Apple gives you 5GB of storage automatically. And it can be enhanced or upgraded later based on your requirements. But don’t forget, you will have to pay if you want to upgrade the storage capacity. On the other hand, there is an alternative if you don’t want to pay for it. You can also use your Apple ID password to manage the account carefully and free up some memories to upgrade the storage capacity.

But do you have any idea how the iCloud accounts are managed? Don’t worry, if you are new to such things. I will help you understand each and every process with the help of my own experience with iCloud. I would take this opportunity to talk about Apple technicians who helped me throughout the procedures until everything was resolved. And best of all, I didn’t visit them physically – instead, I could contact them through their toll free Apple ID support phone number.

Few months ago, I had had somehow similar circumstances when I was looking for some solutions to my iCloud accounts – as I didn’t want to pay for the upgrade.

Somewhere in the discussion threads on Apple community page, I happened to know about some easy but interesting information. A pool of users had discussed how they could free up memories in iCloud through some technical procedures, and how they could make the most of Apple ID password support services in the entire procedure.

But in the entire procedures, what I found to be very important is your Apple ID and password that you will have to use every time whenever you have to carry out either backup, deleting files, removing mails, or other tasks. For more details on such important things, you can have some ideas from the official technicians at

Though the data files saved on iCloud should never be removed for always, you should firstly archive or create a copy of the all data files before you remove them from your iCloud. On the other hand, you can also turn off automatic backup for some sorts of documents that don’t need to be stored as per your requirement.

Eventually, you should always be careful whatsoever method you are implementing on your iCloud account. It’s all about you important data files, so don’t take any risk.

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