How to make your hair look thicker naturally?

Thinning hair or alopecia, in females and baldness in males is a common problem, which comes after a certain age. How to still make your hair looking thick and voluptuous when hair starts to thin off? There are some side effect free natural home remedies, which you may use to get great results, and boost the volume of the hair to make it look thicker.

It’s actually all about how you treat your hair and the body and you should learn the right method to treat your hair.

Home remedies to make hair look thick in volume

  1. Avoid too much of hair oils. Oils make such a coating on the hair, which is not easy to remove, and results in deposition and weighing of the hair. The hair as a result looks limp and thin.
  2. The actual nourishment comes from the right diet. You must be eating all the right things. Too much of oily food can be bad. Eat vitamins and natural foods like fruits and green vegetables.
  3. Use a hair tonic that contains vitamin E.
  4. The scalp needs to be kept clean and should not yet get too much dry. For that you must avoid shampoos with ammonium or sodium laurel sulfate. These chemicals, dry the hair and scalp badly by being harsh on hair and skin.
  5. Using curling wands, irons, hair straighteners frequently can be bad for thinning hair. The less you use the dry heat on hair, the better. Too much of heat can fry the hair.
  6. Coloring the hair too much is not good. If you frequently color the hair, then the bleaching components in hair colors can damage hair and result in thinning. You may try the side effect free henna hair color as an alternative to add some reddish brown tone to the hair.
  7. Using hair volume boosting creams like mousse helps. Apply a little on the strands and dissolve with the fine toothed comb to get instant volume.
  8. Pancaking the braids helps bring an apparent hair volume. Pinch the braid strand and flatten the hair instead of keeping it a cylindrical tube. This way the hair will look voluptuous.
  9. Comb all the hair upside down, and then re-comb normally. This will give an instant volume boost.
  10. Making the hair partition on the opposite side which you don’t use conventionally will help it look thicker.
  11. Sprinkle dry shampoo or baby powder on your pillow at night, and let the hair toss and give off its oils to the powder. This way the hair will look thicker the next morning.


In spite of doing all that you may not get a permanent solution to volume boosting your hair, which can only be achieved with methodical hair treatments. The best hair fall treatment in Delhi ensures that you get a permanent solution to thinning hair. To start your hair fall treatment in Delhi and get assured results you must contact the best clinic soon.

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