How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

Every hours of daylight more of the country gets better, faster Wi-Fi coverage. But that doesnt decline your signal at habitat from dropping off or grinding to a subside all now and subsequently. Here are the latest tips from our zenith experts in version to how to acquire the most from your home Wi-Fi abet.

Location, location, location

Wi-Fi waves are a lot shorter than the ones used for radio and mobile phone data, suitably most routers can probably manage nearly 150 feet, even if a radio mast can probably manage several miles.

Many routers transmit downwards or horizontally rather than upwards, appropriately youll grief-stricken feeling to make favorable your router is not concerning the floor because that wont play-battle ably following the waves.

Other electronic devices can deed out your signal too, hence save your router away from televisions, DVD players, and microwaves.

When using forgive Wi-Fi outside your flaming, the biggest challenge isnt readiness but making certain your data is safe from prying eyes. The best mannerism to encrypt your recommendation and preserve private in public is a virtual private network, or VPN. The Norton WiFi Privacy VPN creates a safe tunnel for any counsel you send or reach from your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets even though complex to public Wi-Fi. Learn more more or less Norton WiFi Privacy.

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