For fashionistas, it is a tricky job to differentiate between fake and authentic branded clothing. These days, many cheap brands have come up with exact replicas of branded garments. The exact copies are made so carefully that no one can identify the differentiation between the authentic and the fake ones. Though there remains minute difference the fake and the authentic ones, yet if one is careful he/she can identify them with much ease. Renowned brands are cultivating day by day to attach watchful means of designing and manufacturing their garments so that customers can identify them easily. The fake companies are finding out new means of stitching, designs, color combinations and even copying the logos and symbols of the companies in manufacturing these fake copies of clothing. Shoppers easily get duped by going into cheaper deals while they think they are buying authentic garments but in reality it is not. Fakers are smart enough to manufacture exact copies of these branded clothes. Clothing brands in Zirakpur are thriving to their best effort to stop this duplication. Let us follow certain easy steps to differentiate between these fake and authentic branded apparels:-

  • Check for online information – Before buying any branded garments, one should check out for online information to get to know the details regarding such brands, its logo pattern, and any specific mark on the clothes etc. which can tell apart.
  • Checking clothes – While purchasing garments, one should carefully check the clothes and all the logo and marks on it so as to satisfy that there no deviation in any design, pattern and stitching etc.
  • Check on to cheap deals – If any store is offering excessive discount on branded garments, it must strike a chord on the minds of customers that how such branded garments are being sold off at such a cheaper price.
  • Customer Service – Customer service executives of the company are available 24*7 to serve all kinds of information and extend help to customers. One can enquire into such details with the customer care executives and clarify them.
  • Purchase from outlet stores – One should buy any kind of branded clothing from outlet stores of such brands and not from any small shops or street markets. The outlet stores sell genuine garments of the brands. Clothing brands in Zirakpur are setting up outlet stores of their brands from where one can buy authentic branded garments.

Customers should be aware of the various kinds of malpractices followed in order to distinguish between the authentic and the fake ones. Branded clothing in Mohali has been able to overcome this stiff competition from fake garments through their stringent means of identification of fake clothing. The companies must adopt certain basic process to get rid of these kinds of forged garments. Even the Government of any country should be strict enough to stop this kind of practice. The persons who are engaged in such sham practices must be punished so as to prohibit this kind of practices.

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