How to fly in world’s biggest airlines at cheapest fares?

What’s so special about American Airlines?

Well – first and foremost American Airlines have prestige to keep up, as the largest commercial fleet service in the world, what with their 945 latest aircrafts. So you’re flying on top of the world, by a “top of them all” airline service.

Long tradition and history has it that as many as 82 smaller airlines joined together in 1930, to serve the American people to form American Airways (note the nickname “AA”), which grew in size during postwar periods. Clubbing together many of the so-called popular Airline services, like US Airways; Trans World Airlines; Reno Air and Air California, American Airlines still retains the fondly called nickname “AA” by the people of the U.S.

When you book tickets, your air travel is taken care of by the well-experienced people, who have flown millions of air-travelers before you.

Being the founding member of Oneworld Airline Alliance and by virtue of coordination with world-renowned partners like British Airways, Japan Airlines, Finnair and Iberia, “AA” can easily liaise with these airlines for services, scheduling flights and fares with concession. You get benefited.

Formidable Flight Services:

In “AA” you can enjoy happy and comfortable air-travel, by world’s best aircraft models like Boeing; Airbus; McDonald Douglass as well as Embraer etc. Board your plane from any of the ten hubs – Main hub at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport; LaGuardia Airport; J.F. Kenney International Airport; Los Angeles International Airport; Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport; Miami International Airport; Phoenix Sky Harbor; Philadelphia International Airport; O’Hare International Airport; and Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

You can fly through “AA” to as many as 346 international and domestic destinations in all; 8 seasonal destinations; international destinations are scattered around 49 countries, all over the world in five continents of America; Europe; Africa; Asia and Australia. American Eagle, a subsidiary of AA Group will fly you to domestic destinations, in addition to those covered by “AA”.

Different Classes of air-travel as you choose:

The Air-passenger classes available at “AA” are wide and varied. Flagship Suite (International First Class) (the most luxurious one with lie-flat seats and swivel facility to lie-down in any position), Domestic First Class, International Business Class, Domestic Business Class, Premium Economy, Main Cabin Extra and Main Cabin (Economy). Choice is yours.

Sufficient Baggage Allowance:

American Airlines is a prestigious top-ranking airline service in the U.S. Therefore the baggage allowance admissible in their aircrafts can’t be inferior to any other competitors. So “AA” air travel will be comfortable to carry along your baggage, the way you wanted them to be.

As for Baggage Allowance – Economy Class one bag of 23 Kgs.; two bags of 23 Kgs. in all other classes excepting first class; and 3 Bags weighing 32 Kgs in First Class – are allowed.

Passenger Amenities are commendable:

During your air-travel time, you can get immersed with your regular work or time-passing by Internet browsing, without gap. You’ll be provided with in-flight Wi-Fi and use their power outlets to connect your computing devises – irrespective of class of travel. Want to have a “sip” in between? No worries – both Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic drinks are served at your seat!

There’s no need to mention about the On-flight Entertainment provided in “AA”, as you can easily guess about their highest quality.

Cheapest Airfares are possible – how?

In line with the long business association Flight Fare Deals has with “AA”, and in view of the turnover of airfare revenue accrued for “AA” through them, you get the iron-clad “Best Price Guarantee”, in respect of all the flight tickets booked by you in “AA” through Flight Fare Deals.

You can very well compare the airfare offered by them, especially for you, with any of the contemporaries, if you so wish. Last Minute Deals, Secure Booking online and best of best Customer Support are Bonuses, with Best Compliments for your air travel from Flight Fare Deals!

Fly regularly “AA” and you stand a chance to take part in frequent flier program of American Airlines – Standard; Gold; Platinum or Executive Platinum! Just click

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