How to Find A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Alberta

By now, you probably know the benefits of having a carefully installed and maintained carpet in your home or office.

Clean carpetings appeal to your senses. A fresh-looking carpet makes you appreciate the design of your house or office, making it either more livable or conducive to working. It also appeals to your sense of touch, due to the comfort it gives your feet as you walk the covered flooring or the magic it works with thermal insulation. For some reasons, carpets also help you breathe better air and reduce noise pollution.

Well, we can’t argue that dirty carpet floors won’t appeal to our senses. They do but negatively. This is why professional carpet cleaning should be done at least once a year. (Some people give a leeway of 12-18 months.)


Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

No one prohibits you from DIY cleaning your carpets. If you can devote the time to maintain your flooring investment, that’s great! However, you have to remember that there are just skills and equipments exclusive to carpet cleaning companies.

If you don’t have one at home, please consider hiring cleaning services. While you can also rent equipment somewhere else, think about the convenience you’ll gain to let the experts do what they do best.

Not all carpet cleaning services are equal. Here is a checklist you could follow to find a reputable company to do the job.


1. Tenure

The number of years a company has been servicing carpets should make sense. The longer the tenure, the better. But you would also have to read reviews and get referrals from friends and family to make sure. Reputation and consistency is key.

2. Rates

Pricing matters. The company should be able to discuss a pricing scheme that is both reasonable and easy to understand. At this point, you should shop around and compare pricing among different cleaning companies. Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be that expensive.

3. Process

Before a cleaner comes into your residence or commercial space, you have to be aware how the process will go. Ask them whether they will vacuum your carpet before they extract all the dirt. If there are any furniture that needs moving, the company should be able to specify whether it comes with the service for free.

4. Bundle Deals

Most cleaning companies can also handle upholstery cleaning. You may want to inquire if you can get a discount for having both services at the same time. Just like your carpets, your furniture needs some loving, too.

5. Certifications

Any individual or company who has equipment doesn’t equate to a carpet cleaning expert. You might want to ask if the company’s licensed and trained to do their jobs. You wouldn’t want to trust anyone with your carpets and your home because they claim to be professionals.

Your carpet can last longer when properly maintained. If you’re lucky to have a warranty on your carpets, professional cleaning companies can keep your flooring worthy when filing a claim.

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