With the ever-increasing customer expectations, it becomes quite difficult for the small customer service teams to live up to customer’s expectations. With all the customers’ queries and complaints flooding in through different channels, providing timely responses becomes a daunting task. However, even the smaller teams can be enabled to provide the expected level of service using the following strategies:

Canned responses:

Canned Responses are predefined responses to a set of predefined queries. If you’ve got a small team to deal with all your customers, canned responses can help you a lot especially in such cases where the customer service representatives are asked the same questions over and over again. You can also consider creating email and social media templates to copy as and when required.

Notification system:

A notification system for your small team helps ensure that none of the customer queries goes unresolved. It also eliminates the need of checking email or social media constantly. You need to ensure that every channel of contact has someone assigned to it. You can also set a backup person who knows to take over whenever the initial person is unavailable.


According to a research, customers today, prefer solving their issues by themselves rather than contacting the company. You can leverage this curiosity of the customers to lessen the burden of your customer service representatives. This can be done by offering self-service on your website. You can also consider putting up FAQs, discussion forums, tutorials, handbooks or operation manuals, how-to videos that will help them to resolve issues easily.

Single point access:

Since customers try to contact the company through various channels, so, it is advisable to have a single point access to all these channels so that none of the queries remains unresolved. You can make use of tools such as Hootsuite to access all your social media platforms from a single screen without having to deal with them all separately. This makes it easier for a small customer service team to provide faster responses without missing customers who have reached out.

Source: Live Chat Agent

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