How to chose photo editing company based on digital image

Not so long ago we had a lesson about the device of modern cameras and their types. There we touched a bit on the theme of the formation of a photographic image. Today we have to understand in more detail with what exactly happens after the light passes through the camera lens, how the camera’s matrix is arranged, photo editing company and what a finished digital photo is. And off course, which photo editing company must we use.

The principle of the matrix of a digital camera. What is resolution? And how photo editing company can help you with choosing resolution?

The camera’s matrix is ​​a microcircuit on which millions of photosensitive sensors are mounted. Each sensor registers the brightness of the illumination falling on it. Thus, a “mosaic” of our image is composed of them. Note: the sensor on the matrix registers only the brightness of the incident light, but can not get any information about the color. It would seem that in this way you can get only monochrome, black and white images. To get a color image, a more complex solution is used. To collect information about the color, you need at least three photosensitive elements that are sensitive only to one of the base colors of the spectrum. Therefore, each element is equipped with a color filter, which passes the rays of only one color, and the other cuts off. So when we hire photo editing company we must be sure that they know all of that theory.

Today in matrices, a color image is constructed from three basic colors: red, green and blue. Therefore, the matrix of the device is a lattice consisting of “green”, “red” and “blue” sensors. In this case, multi-colored sensors on the matrix can be placed in different ways. For example, the most widespread is the so-called Bayer filter, named after the name of its inventor.

Every photo editing company is working with such filters but only the good photo editing company can turn the good photo into great one.


You can see that there are twice as many green elements on it as the red or blue ones. This is done in order to compensate for the high sensitivity to the green color of the human eye and to give digital images with human colors.

The photo must look real. Photo editing company has to that.

As a result, having data on brightness and color from each sensor, you can make a general color image. For this purpose, a processor is installed in the camera. He analyzes the data coming from the matrix and composes the finished image from them. In addition, the processor is responsible for making corrections to the original image set by the photographer, such as the white balance chosen by him, all sorts of processing effects. The processor is also responsible for creating the final file with the photo.

So when you hire photo editing company you can tell them that you have camera type let’s say “X” and they will give you advices hot to shoot photos too.

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