How to change email notifications in Gmail?

Gmail is most commonly used mail services in all over the world. It is uses for household, personal and business purpose also. Approx billions of users use this email services to make easy their work. But there are certain many times when its user have to face lots of Gmail problems while they accessing their Gmail account. In that case they should not to worry about its problems and contact to experts to get the solutions with proper suggestion in the simple terms.


In this post we are talking about how to change email notification settings in Gmail, we suggesting about the Gmail help centre to contact with the executives to get the best solutions with the simple instruction that can be followed by anyone. Call on Gmail phone number where you will get appropriate solution for all the issues. The Google Account user can simply connect with Gmail Customer Service representatives for help and support related to any problem with your Gmail account.


If user want to turn on notifications in gmail account so, that can be easily done follow by some simple steps that all given in the following terms. After turn on the email notification settings user can get alerts on their phone or computer when they will get new emails.


Turn on or off email notifications in Gmail


Open your web browser which one you prefer to get email notifications like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. The user when signed in to Gmail and has it open in browser then that can be get email notification. Note: If user won’t see any notifications then turned off all notifications for the browser.


  • Open Gmail Account in web browser
  • Top of the right side corner click on Settings
  • Tab the down or scroll down to see the “Desktop notifications” section
  • See and Select new mail notifications on, important mail notifications on, or Mail notifications off
  • Go to the bottom of the page, click on Save button to apply the changes
  • The email notification has been successfully turned on

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