Apart from driving in all the major benefits like engaging visitors to conversions to providing loyal customers, live chat has an added advantage. It helps capture business leads as well. Yes! you can actually gather business opportunity leads using your live chat window. Read on to know how:

Customize your live chat window:

Most of the live chat software today allow you to customize the live chat window as per your needs. So, now, you can actually re-design your chat window to compliment your website. Not only this, you can even experiment with the greeting messages your agents send out during proactive chat sessions. AB testing can be used to identify the strategy that provides the most favorable outcomes.

Install mobile app:

This is an era of mobile devices and apps. It’s imperative that you have a mobile app for your live chat. Doing so eliminates the chances of missing out on leads as you’ll be carrying your office along. A mobile app enables you to provide instant query resolution to your visitors no matter whenever they reach out to you.

Allow agent feedback:

It’s advisable to indulge into weekly meetings with your support agents. These meetings should be focused on common issues that the chat agents have to face. Let your chat team share their insights and experiences. You can identify the tactics that work the best for generating leads. These meetings can further be used for employee appreciation and sharing the most powerful strategies.

Provide multichannel support:

People may try to reach out to you through various channels if you provide a multichannel support. So, it’s advisable to let them continue their communication through their preferred medium of contact. Avoid forcing what’s convenient for you as it may not be convenient for them. Doing this will help gather leads effectively.

All these strategies can actually help capture valuable business leads through live chat to boost your business benefits further.

Source: Live Chat Agent

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