How Is Google Trapping The Fake Listings Of Google Maps?

Have you ever noticed that how nowadays you can easily get a plumber to fix your leaky tap or broken water supplies through Google map services? However, you may call any of the plumber’s number and find it bogus or scam, it is because they get their names enlisted in the online services of Google maps to manipulate the customers.

For addressing the trouble makers, Google has decided to crack down the fake listings of businesses and to grab those crooks that are playing games with Google. Google is taking hard steps to stop these scammers to play with the mapping services. The new data has been released by Google which discloses the efforts of controlling the fake map listings. The results shown today is unexpected, which reveals the 70% down in fake listings which were at the peak in 2015 June.

Forms of fake listings

Before getting into the solutions for the fake listings, it is important to differentiate between the local scams and other scams of an online system. It means the victims of the scams are to be closely monitored which changes the fundamentals of types and scale of the abuse. For this purpose, a team was build up between Google and California University of San Diego to study about those Google maps which are abusive. The study found the following types of fake listings:

•    Unanimously 2 out of 5 listings of plumbers, locksmiths and contractors

•    Creation of postal addresses which do not exist by the perpetrators

•    Fake phone numbers and VoIP

•    Claim of one fake business out of ten listings by the scammers

•    Fraud of paying referral fees in organic interest

Steps by Google to keep off the fake listings

After the study on abusive listings, Google has adopted methods to verify the plumbers and locksmiths. The other improved steps are:

•    Bulk registrations of maximum addresses are prohibited

•    The addresses which are used to confuse the algorithms of Google are detected and avoided.

•    Those addresses are prevented which are at a long distance from the original address without additional verification.

As the idea of fake business, listings might sound frightening, but Google has found robust methods to prevent them from fooling the customers.

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