How free online load board is helping to bridge the gap between shippers and loaders!

Kick starting a business can be a huge task. Product manufacturing, quality check, and many other aspects need to be taken care of. One such important aspect is shipping the product to the required destination. Load board comes into the picture when the shipping aspect comes into consideration. Also known as freight boards, these are online systems to match freight brokers with shippers to post loads.

How to find truck loaders?

There are certain online sites where shippers and brokers submit their loads and these are posted for people to read. To view the number of trucks leaving a particular location, one just needs to search for loads and name the city with the distance radius for example; within 30 km. This way, the customer can narrow down the information to contact the shipper or the broker for details. Online registration is required to start the search.

Excellent truckload availability:

Truckers can find a decent number of truckloads, and this will help them cover the salary of the driver, the cost of fuel and insurance bills. Thousands of loads are listed every day on the free load board for truckers to find them quickly.

How safe are the trucks that sign up?

Truck safety service training is given to the drivers by their freight companies before the trucks hit the road so that accidents or other mishaps reduce or are avoided.

Few important tips drivers must follow to enlist their names in free loadboards:

Slow down when driving in highway construction zone.
Not to speed on curves and diversions.
Load cargo carefully.
Adjust speed according to weather conditions.
Maintain the truck and its body.

It’s importance in trucking industry –

The free loadboard facilities are a fast growing one, which shows no signs of slowing down. The reason behind its success is that it is very convenient and time-saving for shippers and loaders. It is also profitable to a large extent.

Between 1990 and 2013, the freight business has grown by over 50 percent. By 2040, it expected to double its growth. By 2050, it is probable that emissions from global freight transport will surpass the passenger vehicle emission. It is one the most flourishing industries. In 2015, more than 49.5 million tons of freight were moved in the US. Loadboard services have given the required access of communication to all these shippers and loaders.

How are present business trends affecting trucking?

The American Trucking Association has predicted a stable growth of freight volume and cargo amounts in future as well.

Here are few effects that business trend might have on trucking and freight board services:

Fleet regionalization-

Trucking companies are mostly taking advantage of intermodal options using the entry ports, i.e.; they can look for loaders in a particular region where they want to move.  Urban fleets are also having an impact on this shift.

Economic growth-

The expected increase in overall load by tonnage will be 35% between 2016 and 2027 with truck tonnage increasing up to 27%.

The trucking industry will continue to evolve more with load board online portals and shall prove fruitful to transportation professions in their challenges and opportunities.

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