How Effective is Acne Scar Treatment?

Face is the first thing anyone notices about you. It represents you and having a clear facial skin builds self confidence. But acne can lower down the confidence and morale of a person. Acne is a very common skin problem mainly caused by dead skin cells and bacteria. Even after it heals, it can leave behind the marks on the face, simply known as acne scars.

There can be multiple causes for acne such as hormonal changes, excess use of chemical products, stress or hereditary factors. Now-a-days various effective treatments are available to reduce the pores, remove the dead skin and kill bacteria. Acne scars are categorized into two types – Hypertrophic or keloid scarring and Atrophic or depressed scarring. And to diminish all these types of acne scars and to make your skin young and glowing you should opt for an effective Acne Scar Treatment which not only cures your acne problem but also treat the cause behind it. At Dr. Nivedita Dadu Dermatology Clinic, located in Rajouri Garden, Delhi, we provide advanced Acne and Acne Scar Treatments after a thorough examination of the patient’s skin condition so as to suggest the most suitable treatment for them. As you may already know there are different skin types and therefore not all treatments are recommended for everyone. Following are some of the popular acne and acne scar treatments that we provide for face skin problems at our clinic in West Delhi:

  • Acne Clean Up – helps to clean the skin and clear the pores so that dead skin cells don’t clog the pores and therefore cause new acne. Acne Clean Up is a fundamental dermatology treatment which is recommended to the patients with mild acne. You can expect a clear and glowing skin.

  • Teenage Peel – The teenage peel reduces acne scars, blackheads and opens up the clogged pores. It is known as teenage peel because it is considered to be very effective reduce the oil/sebum production, exfoliates dead skin cells and unclog the pores which are common problems in teenage.

  • Scar Treatment Laser – Laser Scar treatment helps diminishing the acne scars and clear your skin. Laser treatment is a quick and effective method to eradicate the scars left behind acne and reveal the new and scar-free skin.

  • Collagen Induction Therapy – The Collagen Induction Therapy is an amazing skin rejuvenation treatment. It creates controlled injury on the surface of the skin which boosts collagen production naturally. Collagen Induction Therapy is effective as it refines your physical appearance and reduces the acne scars as well as pigmentation.

Nowadays people are more conscious about their health issues so opting for any kind of treatment would make them think twice whether to go for it or not. And that’s why patients like to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective before they choose to get it done. If you choose a well trained skin specialist and a clinic which is well-equipped with advanced technologies, you don’t have to worry about the results. Dr. Nivedita Dadu has become a popular as a skin specialist for all kinds of face problems, acne treatments and acne scar treatments in Delhi because of her vast knowledge of clinical and cosmetic dermatology.

As your skin is the most important part of the body, it is understandable that the patients want their skin to be flawless and not dull. An acne and acne scar-free skin makes one look refreshed and when somebody looks good they feel more confident. Face skin problems like acne are quite common these days because of the increasing environment pollution and hectic daily routine. But with effective dermatology treatments it is now possible to do away with your face skin problems including acne and acne scars. If you wish to know more about acne and acne scar treatments in detail please feel free to reach out to us at

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