How does two wheeler insurance help you provide safety to your bike?

Two wheeler insurance is such type of insurance that allow you to cover against accidental and non-accidental situation like vandalism, fire, collision, natural calamities, theft and third party liability. Bike insurance is a unique solution to meet the cost that you didn’t expect may arise due to damages caused to the bike. Two wheeler insurance policy provides protection against all types of bikes and motor cycles.


Importance of two wheeler insurance policy

As we know that there are many road accident occurred every years and motor bike affected most than the other vehicles. To protect your bike/ scooter from accident and other problems, it is most important to purchase a comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance policy. If you have a bike and you love it the most then you must purchase two wheeler insurance for your own protection that can protect you and your bike as provides you the essential safety against natural and man-made calamities. Any calamity doesn’t come before informing you so get ready for that with this insurance policy.




There are some benefits which you can get after buying policy


  • Compare/ choose your two wheeler or your bike insurance online in easy steps.


  • Transfer up to 50% of your existing No Claim Bonus from any two wheeler insurance provider companies.


  • Get advantage our 24×7 support service on telephone for claims support and other assistance, even on holidays.


  • Quick claims assistance and SMS updates on your claim status through our 24×7 call-centers supports.


  • Get bother free inspection process therefore offering you the best service with your two wheeler insurance.



Things covered by two wheeler insurance policy


  • Loss or damage of any 2 wheeler vehicle against natural adversity like fire, earthquake, flood, lightning etc.


  • Coverage against loss or damage by man-made calamities like theft, strike, burglary etc.


  • Third party coverage arising out of death/ injury or any damage to property due to collision.


Why choose MoneyzGuru for your two wheeler insurance policy?

It is a real fact that we all love our bike, scooty, scooter and any two wheeler, then you must purchase two wheeler insurance policy that will give you protection and your bike as well against any loss and damage occurred by any accident, but the most important question from where you can buy the best insurance policy? If you also have same question in your mind then I ‘ll tell the name where you can get all the solution of your question. Moneyzguru is the name where you can compare your insurance policy in a very convenient way. Moneyzguru is a unique place where you can compare your policy online and our executive will assist you to choose the right policy for you that comes of your budget. Don’t go here and there in the search of pocket-friendly two-wheeler insurance only you need to log on and couple of click on your mouse will help you to buy the best insurance policy.




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