How Customization Becomes Significant for an Online Business in the UAE

For an ecommerce company, having a payment gateway service is very essential as online shoppers make their purchases through debit/credit card, Net Banking or other online pay modes where security of payment and smooth transaction process are involved. Beyond security of payment there are few other factors that encourage the online customers to enhance their engagement and relationship with the online store, like confidence in the services offered by the e-store and also brand loyalty. Easy Customization fills the gap between the customer’s need for a user-friendly interface and the online merchant’s growth of brand awareness.

Website Integration with Online Payment Gateway UAE

More than 35,000,000 customers shop online in the Middle East. The growing opportunities for online market in the UAE, are therefore huge. In such a highly booming market, ecommerce merchants are now drifting towards restructuring of their selling portal through integration with innovative online payment gateway providers. Besides payment security, one of the objectives of having such integration into place is to enhance the look and feel of the seller’s web page so that the experience of the online shopper is seamless and uniform throughout the buying process.

CCAvenue’s Easy Customization for a User-Friendly Experience

One of the reasons why online customers in the UAE have a tendency to abandon their shopping cart in the middle of the process is either due to price issues or concerns related to trust. According to an earlier research conducted by YouGov, it was found that from 43% customers who had abandoned their carts, approximately 26% did so due to the second reason.

CCAvenue, a UAE based online payment processing company, offers online payment solutions including customized design for the online seller’s checkout pages. Through customized designing the online merchant is able to make his shopping portal more conditioned to the user’s preferences.

Personalized View of Checkout Page, Brand Logo and Invoices

To let an online customer feel secured and confident about the genuineness of the merchant’s portal, the payment processor’s Checkout page needs to be custom tailored in order to suit the theme, color, fonts, formats and other modes of appearance on the merchant’s website. The online buyer feels quite assured of security when there is visibility of the PCI and SSL certificates on the payment pages. Similarly, the UAE payment gateway checkout pages and invoices can have a personalized effect to keep the customer’s attention undivided.

Branding Association – Brand Visibility – Brand Continuity

A Customizable checkout page can help the credit card merchant / web merchant to keep a consistent theme and image of his/her brand throughout the transaction process. The online seller can edit and blend his/her brand’s colors and theme with the payment processing pages to make the users feel more comfortable while purchasing online. This maintains the brand awareness.

About CCAvenue – A UAE Payment Solution Provider

CCAvenue is the largest payment gateway service provider in South Asia. The company offers global eMerchants with real time, multi-currency, and multiple payment processing services. CCAvenue started its UAE operations with offering of m-commerce and e-commerce payment solutions through its tie-up with Mashreq bank.

CCAvenue offers Easy Customization design to the online merchants so that they can upload, modify and preview their brand logo or color scheme of the payment page. E-merchants can also customize invoices with their logo and information. CCAvenue’s online payment gateway Dubai offers an easy setup as its quick hosted checkout solutions are designed to assist startups that have less or practically no technical expertise.

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