How can you clean the wall vent duct?

Can you clean your own wall vent duct? The answer is yes! However, for the people thinking about DIY, there is some information, you will have to know. There are various techniques utilized for cleaning the vent ducts. Most of these techniques need special device and training!

Therefore, there is only so much the DIY’s can do to clean their vent ducts. It’s more of a partial clean! Moreover, some vent or toe kick cleaning companies will utilize Ozone or Biocides to get rid of the pollutants from the ducts. Biocides are chemicals that are utilized to get rid of the mold and bacteria from your vent ducts.

Ozone is a gas that is utilized to kill biological pollutants. Chemical biocides are regulated by the EPA under the Federal Pesticide Law. Any chemical can be harmful, so do your research or hire a professional specialized in toe kick register. Using chemicals without proper type of training is not suggested. Moreover, before cleaning your vent ducts, it’s vital to know what type of ducts your home or business has installed.

The most common type is the flexible ducts and is generally insulated to conserve energy, lessen condensation, and temperature control. Most of the metal duct work is utilized for industrial purposes and is generally costlier. Cleaning wall vent duct is much simpler than flexible ducts. Moreover, the insulation in flexible duct work is like to re-soil with dust and mold. You will have to clean more frequently. If you select to clean air ducts yourself, here are some guidelines:

1. Vent ducts can’t be cleaned without tools. Therefore, you will require a screwdriver, a ladder, flash light, wet or dry vacuum, with soft bristle or long hose attachment. Moreover, you also have to wear face mask and rubber gloves for safety. You don’t want to breathe the pollutants from your air ducts. Once you have the right cleaning equipment, then you should examine the ducts for pollutants. First, run your finger inside of the ducts. If you notice dust on your finger then your ducts are untidy. Therefore, right tools, pollution seriousness and training are the basic concerns that you have to determine. Once this is over then you can move forward to the cleaning procedure.

2. First, remove the vent covers from the ceilings or the walls. Be mindful not to damage the vent ducts while removing. If there is any paint on the vents, you can utilize a putty knife to remove without damage. Next, you have to set up your vacuum system for cleaning. Most of the wet or dry vacuum comes with various attachments. You want to utilize the long hose and the hard plastic tube with soft bristle brush to clean the vents. You can also turn on the vacuum and start the cleaning procedure.

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