How Ashwagandha is Helpful in Insomnia?

At the time when stress due to fast paced life has taken a toll on human body, making it prone to various kinds of diseases, people are looking for effective treatment or medication for the problem. One of the health issues which is now commonly found in the working class in insomnia.

Bringing office work home, worrying about that meeting with the boss next week, that pending project that you have planning to do since last month, while it seems to like trivial issues but continuous obsession of workload effects the sleep pattern in a long run.

Let’s look at some of the common factors that are said to be the reason behind insomnia:

  1. Stress: Stress can be cause due to factors like family quarrels, job insecurity, loss of any loved ones, financial burden. If the first and last thought in your day is problem that you are facing? Yes! You are in a stress zone.
  2. Poor sleeping habits: Let’s face it, the first and last thing that most of us do is check our smart phones. While others play video games or watch TV. It has been found that such things not only interfere with our sleeping habits but also increase anxiety levels.
  3. Late night eating habits: While taking fruits and juice late at night in case you feel hungry is good, a heavy deit can badly effect your digestions, make you uncomfortable also.
  4. Late night shift: A human body is more active and receptive during the day while the nights are usually for leisure and sleep but industrialization and completion to beat others in terms of growth has forced people to go for late night shifts.

Antidepressant pills in many cases can also cause various side effects like nausea, fatigue, insomnia, low sex drive. It is for this reason; it is always advisable not to take such pills and in extreme cases opt for natural treatment. While there are many herbs found in nature had proven to be effective in treating problems like insomnia causes due to stress, some are slightly more effective than others, Ashwagandha also known as Withania Somnifera (Latin) is among those few that has proven to be very helpful in treating insomnia naturally.

Ashwagandha helps in restoring sleep and also gives the sensation of well-being. It gives a soothing feeling to the body that provides relaxation and calmness. It acts as mind boosting, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory agent.


Beneficial for women

There are many ways in which Ashwagandha can be friend to a woman. It does not only helps you to go through that painful periods but is also helpful in regulating body’s reaction during menopause. It supports the proper functioning of the reproductive system.

Being an aphrodisiac, it helps in improving sexual performance.

For men

The herb has proven to be beneficial in increasing sperm count and in removing those of low quality.

It increases libido and prevents premature ejaculation.

While it comes with innumerable properties, it is very important that one is the extract of Ashwagandha of a right quality. Though there are many firms that claim of genuine quality, it is always advisable to go for the certified ones.

Planet Ayurveda is among the certified companies that has been supplying herbal products across Europe and Asian countries. It has got the quality certification from UQSR (Universal Quality Standard Registrar).

Among many herbal products, Planet Ayurveda’s Ashwagandha capsule is high in demand.

Let’s have a look at the uses and dosage of Ashwagandha capsules:

The Ashwagandha capsules are made up of root extract of the herb in its standardized form. The product is 100 % vegetarian and contains 60 capsules that can consume throughout a month, 1 capsule a day.


These capsules are consumed or recommended for various health problems like for relieving stress, fatigue, in case of anxiety, in slowing ageing process. As it provides soothing sensation to the muscles, it calms the body, hereby giving sleeping effect.


The expert recommends one capsule twice a day. One should take capsule after a meal with plain water.


Planet Ayurveda is also providing Ashwagandha in powdered form. Powder Ashwagandha should be taken ½ or 1 teaspoon with plain water.

Take Ashwagandha powder for maintaining a healthy immune system, improving reproductive system and keep high energy level intact.


Some of other health problems in case of which Ashwagandha can be taken:

Weakness: Ashwangdha is taken in case of body weakness by children and old in limited quantity. It can be taken with milk or water.

Impotency:  Ashwagandha powder and sugar taken with milk everyday can help in taking care of problem of impotency in a long run.

Arthritis: Research has proven that ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing swelling and also prevents degenerative bone changes. If taken with turmeric, it helps in reducing joint pain and gives relaxation to joints and muscles.

Lowering blood sugar levels: Studies have proven that this herb helps in reducing blood sugar levels due its properties of increasing secretion.

Experts suggest that daily consumption of Ashwagandha along Giloy (another herb) can keep you away from various kind of diseases.


Since there is not been a relevant studies to state the side effect of high dose of Ashwagandha, it is advisable to consume the herb as directed by doctors in limited so that one can prevent its possible side effects.

If you are already on any medication, consult specialist before taking Ashwagandha for any kind of health problem to avoid any problem.

Now a bonus tip!

Along with taking Ashwagandha in a prescribed amount, try performing Yoga and meditation as it comes with innumerable health benefits. Regular medication will not only release stress but also improves concentration while Yoga acts as a protecting against various kind of diseases.


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