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In Hindu worship, music is gift to gods. We all heard about the lord Krishna and his fate lover Meera, a woman who gave up worldly ways to pen Hindu Devotional Bhajans about Krishna, believed to be a human incarnation of the god Vishnu. Meera sung so many bhajans in Hindu workship for Lord Krishna.

Meaning of Bhajans:-

A bhajan literally means “sharing”. It also refers to any song with religious theme or spiritual ideas, in a regional Indian language. A Bhajan has no prescribed form, or set rules, is in free form, normally lyrical and based on melodic ragas. It belongs to a genre of music and arts that developed with the Bhakti movement. It is found in the various traditions of Hinduism.

The Sanskrit word bhajan or bhajana is derived from the root bhaj, which means “divide, share, partake, participate, to belong to”. The word also refers “attachment, devotion to, fondness for, homage, faith or love, worship, piety to something as a spiritual, religious principle or means of salvation”.

A Bhajan may be sung individually, or more commonly together as a choral event wherein the lyrics include religious or spiritual themes in the local language.The themes are loving devotion to a deity, legends from the Epics or the Puranas, compositions of Bhakti movement saints, or spiritual themes from Hindu scriptures.

Role of bhajans in Society:-

The Hindi Devotional Bhajans have played a significant role in community organization in colonial era, when Indian workers were brought to distant lands such as Trinidad, Fiji and South Africa as cheap labour on plantations.      The Bhajans in many Hindu traditions are a form of congregational singing and bonding, that gives the individual an opportunity to share in the music-driven spiritual and liturgical experience as well as the community a shared sense of identity, wherein people share food, meet and reconnect. Rather than traditional Hindu Devotional Bhajans, Filmy Hindi Bhakti Songs or filmy Aarti Songs are also famous in our society.

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