High Quality and Herbal Remedies to Cure Bronchitis Effectively

Get rid of bronchitis problem with the help of herbal remedies such as Lobodil and Tuswas offered by Salveo Life Sciences. They are made from herbal extracts and do not produce harmful side effects.

Bronchitis is a kind of respiratory problem that causes swelling as well as inflammation of the membranes located in the bronchial passage of lungs. Common bronchitis generally continues for only two or three weeks but if it becomes chronic, the illness sustains from six months to even two years and also calls for frequent medical attention. The chronic bronchitis is mainly caused by bacteria as well as viruses that cause irritation of the bronchial tube. Other causes of this illness include infection, cough, smoking, pollution and so on.

The experts have identified several symptoms associated with this disease. Bronchitis refers to the irritation as well as swelling of lining of air passages or bronchial tubes. This type of irritation or swelling produces excessive mucus in the airways which leads to chronic coughing and therefore makes it difficult for air to get circulated through the lungs. Irritation also causes damage to cilia, the thin structure that helps in passing air without formation of mucus. In this case, passage of air is the breeding ground for chronic infection. Due to prolonged irritation in air passage, chronic bronchitis often leads to frequent production of excessive mucus that appear yellow, grey or green in color. When air canal thickens, breathing becomes difficult that also causes heavy mucus of one ounce or even more regularly. It can also cause damage on the lungs as well. Other symptoms of chronic bronchitis include chest congestion, fever as well as fatigue. Coughing can stop temporarily but it is only followed by period of serious coughing.

Bronchitis remedies using herbal ingredients are suggested by the doctors since they do not produce any harmful side effects. The remedies such as Lobodil and Tuswas syrup offered by Salveo Life Sciences are considered to be safe as well as effective since they are devoid of alcohol ingredients. They do not cause drowsiness and they can be consumed even during daytime.

Salveo’s Lobodil is effective for controlling asthmatic attacks and helps in improving immune system in the best possible way. It is rich in mucolytic ingredients and it is also used as an effective expectorant. This medicine is effective for curing wheezing, breathlessness, bacterial problems, pollen issues, common cold and so on. It is rich in herbal ingredients such as Adathoda vasica as well as Banslochana. Another herbal medicine offered by Salveo Life Sciences is Tuswas syrup. This syrup proves to be effective for curing cough issues. Moreover, it is safe to be used for prolonged period of time. This type of drug is best for curing medical conditions such as common cold, dry cough, nasal congestion, and sneezing, allergic condition and so on. Vasaka, as well as honey are the key ingredients used in this medicine. Moreover, it is also effective in curing infection on upper respiratory tract. Honey as well as basil is rich in anti-bacterial properties while vasaka is known for antitussive actions that all together make Tuswas syrup one of the effective bronchitis remedies in the market.

Salveo Life Sciences is a leading company dedicated in offering herbal medicines and pills for bronchitis remedies without causing any harmful side effects.

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