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How to choose the right shoes for plus size feet

If you have a problem with feet that are disproportionately large – do not be sad, you are at right place. Plus size feet can be a serious fashion problem for the lady of style, and we bring you tips on how to disguise it.

Wear appropriate clothes

Dig flares from the old cabinet. You might worry that broad trouser leg will make your feet act bulkier and will overly emphasize the lower part of your leg – partly you are right. However, frilled material over a feet will balance their size so that they seemed commensurate with your leg. Excess material deceives the eye and will make your feet work proportionally.

Therefore, you should avoid jeans and trousers with narrow legs as they will further increase your feet. Avoid clothing that stands out calves. So, Bermuda shorts, skirts below the knee and Capri pants are banned for you.

When your trousers or skirt ending just above the calves, your shins and feet stand out and look larger and bulkier. Try shorts and skirts that are above the knee – they will make an impression of leg and help foot works proportionate.

Wear appropriate footwear for plus size feet

High heels are the solution for you, rather than flat shoes. Heels can “reorganize” your leg, so it is more emphasis on its length than in width. Since in the natural state foot, the horizontal mind will automatically perceive as width. Therefore, it is logical to wear high heels that will distract the attention of the shape and length of the foot.

Also important is the form of heels. Thick, full, high or stacked heels and platforms are a better choice than stiletto heels. The thicker heel, the better balances the leg.

Avoid too open sandals. Skimpy sandals that expose too much of the foot will make everyone’s foot looks larger than it is. When you wear flat sandals note that your ankle joint is detected. Shoes and sandals with straps around the ankles will make your feet look much bigger.

Choose shoes with a blunt, rounded tip. Do not wear Spiky shoes that will make your feet go on forever. Look to the top of the shoes is just too close to your fingers. Also, avoid shoes with hard soles if you have plus size feet.

Wear boots with heels. If you have big feet, heavy footwear such as boots will add emphasis to them. The perfect boots that will balance the look of your legs are the ones with heels. It would be best to invest in a pair of good boots to ankle, with high heels.

Carefully choose the colors. Black, dark brown and dark blue colors are an excellent choice for shoes or anything that is darker than your skin will be good. The dark color makes all the thinner!

Hide fingers. You should avoid shoes that reveal your fingers. When the fingertips spring from shoes, everyone seems that your foot is sticking out because they are enormous.

Polish your shoes. If you are creative and like the details that say a lot about you – play around with your shoes. Find details that will become a major attraction on your feet.

Boots with buckles will make your foot appear smaller, just like sandals with big bow or flower – instead of floral prints. Try this by first attaching decorative hairpins on the boots or shoes with high heels.



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