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We are manufacturers of Gears,  custom built Gear boxes and precision machined components.  We are in this industry since 21 years. S.G.Gears was started with a vision to become a premier gear and precision machined component manufacturer and achieve customer satisfaction and retention through continuous improvement in manufacturing practices for better quality and prompt delivery.

Our mission is to grow with our customers by establishing all sort of gear cutting and machining facilities to meet their needs.

Gear Metrology in Pune

We are capable of measuring and analyzing all types of Gears i.e. Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Straight Bevel Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Herringbone Gears, Worm and worm shafts. The Gear quality class for all these types can be determined.  S. G. Gears provides Gear Metrology in Pune – Automatic Measuring Machines, Gear Metrology & Applications Wholesale Trader from Pune, Maharashtra, India

Broached Parts with Internal Splines in Pune

We Provide Broached Parts with Internal Splines in Pune India. S. G. Gears is capable of manufacturing Internal Splines with good accuracy and repeatability. Internal Spline for component with Diameter 500mm can be cut. We are generally cut Internal/External splines in Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, and Aluminum. Splines are used in mechanical rotating drive systems. Any device that transfers rotary motion from an input shaft to an output shaft most likely uses splines of one form or another.

Herringbone Gears Or Double Helical Gears in Pune


  1. G. Gears will be capable of manufacturing Herringbone Gears ordouble helical gearwith a central groove and a Herringbone Gears or Double Helical Gears without a central grove i.e. a herringbone gear with an apex. Herringbone Gears or Double Helical Gears find application in steel rolling mills, cement industry etc. Herringbone Gears are used to balance the thrust load. A herringbone gear, a specific type of double helical gear, is a special type of gear which is a side to side (not face to face) combination of two helical gears of opposite hands. From the top, the helical grooves of this gear look like letter V., Unlike helical gears, they do not produce an additional axial load.

Spiral Bevel Gears in Pune

Manufacturers and Suppliers Spiral Bevel Gears in Pune – S. G. Gears

We design and manufacture spiral bevel gears. We manufacture Spiral Bevel Gears per your drawing. We also clone gears by replicating an existing gear. A spiral bevel gear is a bevel gear with helical teeth. The main application of this is in a vehicle differential, where the direction of drive from the drive shaft must be turned 90 degrees to drive the wheels. The helical design produces less vibration and noise than conventional straight-cut or spur-cut gear with straight teeth.

Precision Machined Components in Pune


We manufacture Precision Machined Components which require high Accuracy and Precision. We are capable of machining various components, pump housings, and gear box housings etc. as per the customer quality requirements.

Splined Shafts in Pune

Suppliers, Traders & Manufacturers Splined Shafts in Pune – S. G. Gears

  1. G. Gears are capable of manufacturing internal as well as external Splined Shafts. We are manufacture internal splines with high accuracy and repeatability using Gear Shaping Machines and Vertical Broaching Machine of 20Ton 2000mm Stroke.

Custombuilt Gearboxes in Pune


  1. G. Gears is one of best manufacturer of all components CustombuiltGearboxes Assembly as per Customer Specification and Assemble the gearbox in-house. Gearbox assembled as per customer Drawings and Specifications.

Spur and Helical Gears in Pune

Spur and Helical Gears in Pune – S. G. Gears

  1. G. Gears also have Gear Grinding Facilities which cover the Diameter and Module Range of our Hobbled Gears. We can Spur and Helical Gearsdeliver Gear of DIN Class 7 or AGMA Class 11. The teeth on helical gears are cut at an angle to the face of the gear.

Worm Gears in Pune

Worm Gears in Pune – Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters

  1. G. Gears provides versatile and reliableWorm Gearsthat will provide your company years of trouble free operation. Worm gears are special gears used in rudders, automobile steering mechanisms, hoists and rolling mills. Gears are a crucial part of many motors and machines.

Straight Bevel Gears in Pune

  1. G. Gears can manufacture a wide range of straight bevel gears till a maximum die. of 600 mm. We have nine Straight Bevel Gear Generators installed. We can provide Straight Bevel Gearsin lapped condition. The Straight Bevel Gears will be manufactured as per the Customer Quality Requirement. Contact pattern requirement, Backlash requirement or any other quality requirement can be fulfilled.

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