Heirloom seeds for self survival and long-term Survival

You have possibly heard about heirloom seeds before. No they are not the seeds that are passed by your grandmother to your mother in a jewelry box. But honestly speaking, these seeds are really equivalent to gems.

Heirloom seeds, sometimes addressed as survival or emergency seeds, are often included in the disaster and emergency stockpiles. These types of seeds are the best suggested seeds for a survival garden. Non-hybrid and heirloom seeds are not treated by chemicals. Non-hybrid and heirloom seeds are often packed with some planting instructions.

Being ready for emergency and disaster is not only about considering the immediate effects of disasters on our lives and our preparation for it. Generally, we think about water and food storage, and giving sufficient supplies which will help us to stay alive with the first 3 days following the disaster.

When we buy plant seeds online to get ready for any kind of disaster, we take our preparedness to another level. Having these seeds in our stockpile implies that we are preparing for long-term survival.

What are GMO and Heirloom seeds?

Hybrid seeds are often considered superior seeds, as they are known to be more resistant to diseases and can fetch more output. Nonetheless, since they are hand-pollinated, saving a seed from hybrid plants might not necessarily imply that you are saving the same feature in the seed.

GMO seeds have changed DNA to make or transform them into a super seed. Nonetheless, as they are chemically and genetically changed, they leave harmful effects on the body. Hybrid and GMO seeds are often criticized for the possible harmful effects on other beneficial organisms and insects on the human body. As a matter of fact, GMO seeds may also trigger some allergic reactions and are often questioned for causing tumors and cancers.

Though hybrid seeds and GMO seeds are designed to last and survive in extreme and different weather conditions, its harmful effects in the ecosystem and humans defeats the purpose of long-term survival and sustainability.

With all these harmful effects, the best option would be to go for heirloom seeds. These seeds are not chemically or genetically changed and are exposed to natural and open pollination, such as insect and wind pollination. These seeds ensure that the same type of vegetable can be fetched every year. These seeds are also known to produce fruits and vegetables with better flavor. These seeds offer the sustainability that we require.

How can be maintain and store emergency seeds?

More and more people are realizing the essence of being ready for disaster and emergency situations of the future. Nonetheless, only we should prepare for short-term survival, and that is why emergency seeds should be included in our disaster strategies. While storing survival or emergency requirements, you just don’t grab a seed and store it in your pantry. Here lies the importance of getting non-hybrid seeds for your seed storage.

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