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There are immense advancements going on in orthodontic treatments. The appliances used by orthodontists are slowly undergoing modernization and they have improved greatly in the last few years. The treatment time for straightening of teeth has shortened, and the painful physical pressure applied on them to realign them into shape, is reduced to a great extent.
The orthodontist Allentown PA believes in providing a satisfying, less painful, comfortable and pleasant treatment to the patients who have crowded or crooked teeth. The appliances used in orthodontic treatments are more attractive and appealing today than they were a few years ago. Poking sharp wires and stainless steel brackets were fixed to the front of the teeth tightly. These are used to apply pressure and get them into a straight line. The wires attached to the brackets are tugged tighter on each visit to the dentist.
In the beginning the patient often used to complain that these wires used to poke into the gums and jaws and chewing on food often ended up as an ordeal for them. Times have changed and so have the appliances. The braces may or may not be attached to the front of the teeth for corrective measures, in this case the orthodontic brackets are fixed on the inside of teeth.
Sometimes parents neglect their kids’ teeth and schedule no dental visits for their child. Their children grow up with complexes and plenty of oral difficulties. The age for dental treatment never passes, you can avail adult orthodontic treatment at the hands of a skilled orthodontist Allentown PA, later on in life. It is possible to straighten teeth and get rid of other facial abnormalities even late in life.
There are certain factors to keep in mind before treatment is started. The mode of orthodontic treatment differs greatly for adults’ and young children. Adults have plenty of biomechanical limitations and straightening or realigning teeth is more complicated in them, than in children. Elderly age group tend to suffer from periodontal diseases like mild gingivitis infections and may have an inadequate blood supply to the roots of the teeth. Their bones are developed and hard and have already formed. An adult patient’s tissues start to age and it is a tougher job to adjust to the shifting teeth, but it is done!

In adults, normally, one or two teeth have been extracted sometime in life. The areas or sockets from where the teeth have been removed are not the ideal place to move the teeth into. The old sites of extraction do not have sufficient bone support in the area and it is tough to keep these sockets closed. Adult bones are also more stubborn and refuse to take harsh pressures of tooth movements.
Patients are often scheduled for teeth straightening or other orthodontic procedures to improve a wrong bite or malocclusion. There may not be enough space inside the mouth and the teeth may not be able to adjust in the constricted area. At this time a tooth extraction may be scheduled. In adults rather than prod and move the teeth harshly in the oral cavity to get the perfect bite, the orthodontist tries to understand the underlying perio-restorative problems and works hard to make the teeth functional for eating.

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