Have A Look At The Citizenship And Passport Of Antigua

The Citizenship by investment program for Antigua offers a Second Passport to the investors providing visa free to travel across 130 countries incorporating Canada, EU Schengen zone and UK. There’re plenty of choices for investment to gaining Citizenship Antigua. The investors can pick to offer 250,000 dollars (family of 5) and 200,000 dollars (single applicant) to Antigua National Development Fund.

Passport Antigua offered to candidates who acquire passports via the citizenship by investment programs will have valid passports for an interval of 5 years. You can acquire benefits by getting the Antigua Second Citizenship; some of them are tax-free status, personal security, resale option, visa-free travel and so on.

How to get the Citizenship and passport of St. Kitts?

The Citizenship St. Kitts by Investment program is the ancient of its type in the globe. The government need investment of 400,000 dollars plus relevant to government and due diligence payments. St. Kitts has no tax on overseas capital or income and a Second Citizenship St. Kitts may complement at present tax planning as well as wealth protection strategies.

Passport St. Kitts is valid for about 10 years and once it expires it can be renewed at any St. Kitts Consulate. You can your family will acquire second passport without traveling ways or renounce your at present nationality. Getting the Second Passport St. Kitts is beneficial in so many scenarios like personal freedom; it permits instant travel to almost 129 countries, family security and business benefits.

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