Happie Hair’s Clip-In Hair Extensions

Have you ever came across any random girl or your favourite celebrity picture and thought of having the same hairstyle while admiring their gorgeous hair? We all do that, Right? But further investigating it, we come to know that it was not their real hair but a hair extension. The good thing is that we all can have them. It’s time to break the stereotype that hair extension puts too much strain on our slender roots and it will not be safe.

In Mumbai, Happie hair provides high-quality clip-in hair extensions that enable fuller and thicker hair instantly which is safe to use. If you are facing issues related to hair thinning and hair loss? No need to worry more since Happie hair brings for you human Remy hair extensions at best prices that will help you have fuller, thicker and longer hair. The hair available in clip extensions causes no damages and is super easy to use.

Happie Toppers

For thinning hair and baldness related issues, Happie toppers helps in integrating volume and length to your hair. It is 100% natural Indian human hair which can be clipped in at the hairline. They come in 9” and 14” length and are available in natural black and dark brown colour. They are light weighted and breathable unlike the wigs that are uncomfortable.

Happie Fillers

Just like Happie Toppers, Happie fillers also add instant volume to balding spots and thinning hairline. It is also a hair topper that can be clipped in less than a minute and is specially designed for balding on top. It is also used for Alopecia Areata that affects 1 million people in India annually.

Happie 4PC Set

Happie hair’s Happie 4PC set comes in 3 pieces. The first 2 pieces i.e., 8” & 6” can be clipped behind your head in layers and 4” pieces are clipped at both the sides of your head. This is specially designed for women who wish to have all round coverage as well as present natural look. It is evenly distributed over the scalp and this helps in making it comfortable for everyday wear.

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