Haircut Styles for Men According to Face Shape

haircut styles for men
Choosing a haircut style is not easy as it seems to be. When talking about the haircut, a lot of men tend to embrace a versatile haircut. However, not everyone can kill this look. It is of paramount importance to choose haircut styles for men according to your face shape. Every face shape has haircut styles that work well with the same. Your face shape speaks a lot on what haircut will look the best. To help you in the same, mentioned are some haircut styles for every face shape.

Square Face Shape

A lot of people are of the view that choosing a haircut style for square shape is difficult. However, it is not unless you understand the shape. Square shaped face is masculine and angular. This type of face shape can kill classic tight haircuts which also includes short layers, close fades and even business-side parts. However, it is wise to ensure hairline is not perfectly cut as it highlights the receding hair, in case you have. The square shaped face can carry any haircut like a pro. When you go to your barber, ask him to give you a cut that has broken texture on the top and lots of weight on the centre top.

Oval Face Shape

Oval face shape is a balanced face shape and any haircut style can go well with this shape. For a perfect look, you are advised to opt for haircuts that have a swept or windblown look. One of the major reason for the same is because it gives a perfect balance of volume and length. You are advised to avoid too much of thick hair on the forehead as it softens the facial features, thus making it look rounder. One of the best ways to balance an oval face shape is to go for a round-faced haircut. A “Caesar” haircut works wonders for oval face shape.

Round Face Shape

One of the best ways to flatter a round face shape is by creating a square, i.e. having it tight on the sides, further adding heights on the top. The best options for this face shape are pompadours and flat tops. You should know, that a round face shape does not have prominent angles and hence you can give an illusion with the hair. The best answer for the same is angular cuts such as faux hawks, front fringes, and more. These haircut styles complement this face shape and also adds some structure.

Rectangle Face Shape

Rectangle Face shape is often referred to be a long face. The best haircut style for this face shape is the one that balanced the overall haircut, mixed with the right styling. As you already have a long face shape, you are advised to avoid having too much of hair on the top as it will make your face appear longer. You are also advised to avoid too tight on the sides as it will make your face appear narrower. The best haircut is to let the top fall heavy and length fall to the sides of the head. Leaving the subtle length over the hairline is wise.

These are some of the haircut styles for men you can choose according to your face shape.

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