Hair transplantation and its matters you must know

It’s now valid that a hair transplant procedure is a top-notch solution for baldness. Getting a hair transplant requires you to make a critical observation of the hair transplant centres at your disposal and perhaps asking those who have had a hair transplant before. A hair transplant being a procedure where hair follicles are extracted from one part of the scalp or the body to another has different challenges.

The challenges are met regardless of the procedure selected. The two techniques of hair transplant that are FUE and FUT require artistry and skills from the surgeon’s side in order to achieve the goals of a hair transplant.

What must you know before a hair transplant procedure?

There are only two techniques

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation are the two techniques that a surgeon will select from depending on the results you want. During the FUE technique, the surgeon harvests or extracts hair follicles from the donor area using a micropunch of 1mm diameter or less. It is a needle-like instrument that only enters the skin to extract the follicles without giving a major wound. These holes heal by themselves after a couple of days.

The FUT, on the other hand, takes less time as the hair follicles are extracted in the form of a strip. The strip is dissected by specialists under a microscope to get individual hair follicles that are implanted into the small incisions made in the recipient region.

Survival rate of the extracted hair follicles

It may not be known, but hair follicles also die in case exposed to the normal environment. Lack of artistry and experience in hair transplant centres is the main reason as to why some patients lose more hair during a hair transplant in India. Since hair follicles are extracted along with the tissue in FUT, the survival rate is higher as compared to the FUE where hair follicles are extracted individually. The hair follicles must be dipped into a saline solution to increase their lifespan for more hours.

What influences the survival rate?

1. Follicular trauma- this is common during the FUE hair transplant procedure. Poor extraction can cause damage which can kill the hair follicles in a short time

2. Nature of the hair follicles- Some hair follicles are weak and since there is no blood supply, they quickly die out

FUE hair transplant for the best results

Many patients prefer FUE hair transplant in India just because

It is less invasive
Provides the best natural results
No visible scarring
Short recovery period

Before FUE, FUT was commonly used, but patients weren’t satisfied with the procedure since it was more painful and there were higher chances of trauma and botched results, especially with the inexperienced surgeon. With the expertise and the advancement of technology, FUE has become a great choice for many who need a hair transplant surgery. BIO-FUE is another procedure that can be performed alongside FUE for achieving better results.

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