Guide to choose the best rowing machine

  • Rowing machines are type of machines which are used for exercising, mainly the muscles and are built in shape of sliding boat and comes with oars.
  • If you are planning to buy a rowing machine, you have to keep the ideal type,brand, model and budget in mind.

Types of Rowing machines available in market

  • There are many time of rowing models available in market and you can select your own according to your body shape and size.
  1. Concept 2 Rower : The most popular model available in industry, model D concept 2 rower is the top rower model voted by atehletes and professionals. Fitness entusiasts recommend this model due to its easy to use features and 5 years of warranty. It comes with a computer monitor with it and you can even play games while you exercise. The main concept of this concept 2 rowing machine is to make your exercise more fun!
  2. Ashwood rower : Professionaly handicrafted keeping all the important features in mind, ashwood water rower provides a smooth rowing and exercising experience. It is compact in size, which is quite helpul as it can be adjusted in any corner of the room. It comes with wood and rails to prevent scurffing.
  • These machines are also available under different brands and if you can not select the type of machine you need, you can easiley go by the brand and choose the ideal rower for you.

Features to keep in mind while selecting a Rowing machine

  • You also need to keep in mind the monitoring design you want for it or not. You can choose two styles for your monitor, that is, through professional computerized monitors or manual recording meters.
  • Compact or well built? You also need to decide the size of the rower according to the space available inside the room you have decided to place the machine in. For gym areas, bigger and larger machinvs are preferred while for home, people prefer compact ab machines.
  • Many popular machines come with warranty period set according to the quality of respective machines. Before buying the rower, you need to check upon whether the extensive warranty period provided by the brand is sufficient for you or not in case of any issues.


Thus, you can buy your rower machine according to your needs and keeping all the above mentioned aspects in mind.

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