Gps Tracking device and uses

What is Gps Tracking device?

Gps Tracking device is a electronic device that is setup to monitor and track four wheelers such as Lorry,truck etc, three wheelers and two wheelers also, It is also used to track a person for safety purposes . These are done using an Advanced GPS system connected to the internet.

Facts about Gps Tracking

  • GPS tracking devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, but they all share a common feature. You will be made aware of your location in real time vehicle tracking system in Coimbatore or after.
  • The ability to know someone’s position or something is very useful and can be used by virtually anyone.

If you still do not know how GPS location devices can work for you, look at the uses for them:


Monitoring and reducing Fuel consumption

Almost all GPS-monitored vehicle tracking can help reduce fuel costs.

Acceleration is an important factor in high fuel consumption. Maintaining adequate speed can greatly reduce the amount of fuel used by trucks. Many truck tracking solutions provide speed information and alert the user to trucks exceeding speed thresholds.

Increase the Profit

Excessive deceleration can contribute to higher fuel costs for many companies. When drivers are wasting fuel unproductively use their trucks as an air conditioner, they lose money from their net income. GPS can help reduce idle time by alerting you when vehicles are idling at the pre-set time so you can take corrective action.

GPS location also provides location-based information dispatchers can use to provide proper routing information from field vehicles. In addition, many systems have the ability to locate the nearest truck to any specific job site. You can send the vehicle that will arrive at the first site, further reducing fuel consumption.

Improving driver behavior

Other important contributors to the high costs of the fleet are the unauthorized use of the vehicle and the behavior of the appropriate driver. Tracking GPS trucks can transmit a variety of information on driving behavior, such as vehicle speed, starting and stopping the engine and downtime.

This information can be used to enforce behavior policy and curb unwanted behavior such as speeding, delay and prolonged vehicle stoppage. Studies show that tracking your trucks encourages employees to work more efficiently and to stop using company vehicles for personal use.

Perfect Time tracking

The quality of fleet tracking GPS solutions can also provide the ability to automate the timing chart. You will know exactly when an employee starts work, the time they take for meals and breaks, and when they stop working during the day, without relying on manual time sheets.

Accurate and verifiable time sheets streamline the payroll process and help you avoid overpaying overtime due to counterfeiting of hours or involuntary errors.

Improving security

Gps tracker trucks can also help improve the safety of your fleet. If a vehicle is stolen, a hidden GPS receiver can help you recover faster and equip your vehicle and planes faster. In addition, some systems offer features that alert owners immediately if a vehicle is used during off hours.

Some GPS location providers have alert functions to notify when vehicles are intended for routine maintenance. Proper maintenance ensures that your vehicles meet safety standards and can reduce long-term repair costs.

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