Got the Travel Bug? This Scratch off Map is Your Best Friend


Is it your first day back to office after getting back from traveling adventure and you are already fantasizing about the next one? You cannot wait to back go out there and explore new places and stumble into unknown adventures? Are your dreams mostly about you packing everything up and just globetrotting through the world? If you answered these question as yes, then you are bitten by the best kind of bug, the travel bug!

Traveling gives you freedom and brings you joy but the most precious outcome of traveling is a lifetime of memories. People with the travel bug are always itching to go on to the next big adventure and love documenting their travels. If you used a diary or an old map to do so, you are living in the past. It’s time to upgrade yourself to a Scratch off Map of the world.

What is a Scratch off Map? Are you scratching your head, wondering exactly what a scratch off map is then don’t fret. It is simply a map that is covered with a top foil which you scratch off to reveal the places where you have traveled. This results in a personalized unique map of the world, highlighting your travel adventures.

Now that you know what a scratch off map is, where to find one? You will find hundreds of options available online and offline as well but why go to amateurs when you can go to the creators of this brilliant concept. Luckies of London were the original makers to introduce the concept of scratch off maps back in 2009 and since then have been releasing scratch off maps.

If you want to feel the ultimate product, the rose gold scratch off map of the world is the best choice.

Why Rose Gold Scratch Off Map:

This scratch off map has a beautiful rose gold ink with marble flourishes which is eye catching and extremely appealing. It comes in a beautiful sturdy gift tube packing which is professional. The characteristics of the map are:

  • The map has the dimensions of 32.5 x  23.4 inches.
  • It includes the major capitals of the world along with boundary details.
  • Material used is high quality paper, laminate and colored rose gold foil.

If you  still are not sold on this, these reasons will have you ordering it right away:

Unique Chronicle: Through this gold rose scratch off map, you can scratch to document your travels, revealing a beautiful colorful world map underneath.

Trendy: People get keychains, fridge magnets, post cards and what not as a way of keeping connected with the place they visited. But all these are old fashioned and things of the past. This rose gold scratch off map is THE thing to have, making you cool and in fashion and who doesn’t want that.

To summarize, if traveling is your passion, rose gold scratch off map is your new travel must have accessory, helping you keep track of your adventures and making your own customized map.

About the Author: Jane May is a travel enthusiast who loves collecting funky and unique things.