Gmail Security tips to secure your email account

Gmail is widely preferred free web mail service provider with enormous of incredible features and services as compare to any other mailing platform like: hotmail, outlook, AOL etc. Some of its great features are:
• Manage you all contact
• Setup your digital signature and auto responder
• Fix your all appointment, interviews etc.
• Fantastic storage capacity and all.
If this kind of web mail gives us such facilities then its security should be as strong otherwise anyone can easily perform anti social activities through Gmail. Therefore Gmail security is most important. Through this post, I will let you know how to secure your Gmail account.
1) Whenever we are talking about Gmail’s security, the first thing is kick out in our mind is “strong password”. Users kindly ensures about their password. Whatever password you are choosing should strong. Always prefer a combination of some characters, numbers and special characters in your password so that your Gmail account will protects from the unauthorized person and hackers.
2) Double check your Gmail setting. For this, go to your Gmail account and click on setting icon. Once you click on that, again hit the setting option. And here you can check you’re all settings like: General tab, Account and import tab, Filter and blocked address tab and Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab.
3) Time to time update your browser which protects you from outside threats. When you see “this is the most current version” it means your web browser is already updated and you didn’t have to update it. But when you find “there is a newer version” then here you have to update your browser to download the newest version.
4) Sometime user found unusual activity in their Gmail account. To get rid of this problem immediately blocks the unwanted mails. For this:
• Simply open your Gmail account
• Open that message which you want to block
• Then click down the arrow in top right side
• And last click on Block sender option.
Once you block the unwanted user or mail, then in future you will never get these kinds of suspicious mails.
5) You can also use trusted antivirus software which properly scans your all threats inside your mail. It also scans all suspicious programs and application in your mail and remove it immediately.
These all steps secure your Gmail account in case of any problem. But once you find any issue or problem, then don’t hesitate to call technical experts for better support via Gmail Customer Service.

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