Getting Rid Of Mold In The Home

There is a silent enemy that could be lurking in the corners of your home. You may not notice it but it could be hiding in your sink, your appliances, your curtains, walls and even carpet! This silent enemy that we’re talking about is mold, and it loves to cling to moist and seldom cleaned surfaces. You may think they are just harmless little black spots but in reality, these can do more harm that what you can expect!

Did you know that these little black spots can cause a lot of health issues? Some of these health issues include a headache, depression, anxiety, joint pain, memory loss, visual problems, muscle pain, weakened immune system, fatigue, respiratory problems and gastrointestinal problems. They can even cause allergies especially to those that are battling asthma. Some of these molds can cause infections and others are even toxic! That’s a lot if you ask us. These molds are fungi that are extremely small and they thrive in moist and humid places. Since these are extremely small, it is difficult for us to see them not until they form these black spot colonies that are disgusting to see. Because of their size, they find their way into our bodies easily, causing all sort of health issues.

How can you get rid of molds?

The best way to get rid of molds and to prevent them from growing is cleanliness. You can also try to keep your house from being damp all the time.

  1. Carpet Cleaning – Carpet is one of the most common nesting places of these molds. When something is spilled on your carpet, the fibers usually absorb it and you will never notice that something is wrong until you catch a whiff of a foul smell coming from the carpet. You might not know that mold is already growing under the fibers, cultivated by dirt and dampness. The more you step on the carpet, the more these molds spread to various parts of the house. You will need regular carpet cleaning for this. However, the carpet cleaning you do with the vacuum will not be enough to get rid of the mold spores so better schedule a thorough carpet cleaning session with a professional carpet cleaning company.
  2. Upholstery Cleaning – Your couch may also absorb some moisture and spilled liquid from daily activities. It is not easy to clean it because the leather or fibers might get damaged. You will also need to contact upholstery cleaning specialists to get the cleaning done thoroughly without damaging your items.
  3. Dehumidifiers – you can use dehumidifiers in areas that are usually humid such as under the sink and in the bathroom. Keeping the house dry instead of damp will keep these mold spores at bay.
  4. Cleaning services – from time to time, it will also be a good idea to contact any of the Calgary cleaning companies to provide thorough cleaning of the entire house. If your house gets the great Calgary cleaning services every month or so, you can have professional carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, and upholstery cleaning is done to keep the molds away.

Following these steps in getting Calgary cleaning services will surely keep these harmful molds from wreaking havoc in your family’s health.

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