Getting ready for the lovely change

Warm weather is coming our way!

Getting ready for the lovely change

Cleaning is always the right move when it comes to preparing for season changes. As the climate starts to vary, so do the appliances that we use to maintain a desired comfort level in our homes or workspace. Just as with winter, preparation starts with cleaning and maintaining each piece of equipment that has not been in use for at least six months.

You can start with one of the most used devices at home or the office: Fans. They not only can get dirty real quick when not in use, but also reduce their efficiency when clogged with particles. Keep in mind that due to their spinning nature the configuration of their operating hardware requires a smooth cycling motion along their axis and magnetic components, all which can become saturated with foreign components that slow their spin down making them harder to operate. This transforms into more energy required to do the job and a shorter life span. Make sure to check or replace your Fan System´s filter, which improves airflow.

Another smart and simple investment that can help reduce room temperatures are insulated drapes, from the kind that reflects/absorbs sunlight. They help maintain coolness during warm months and retain room temperature during colder ones. There are also film treatments that can help reduce the amount of heat generated by sunlight, while allowing a significant percentage of it to flow and illuminate a room – which can be quite useful when used instead of artificial light, thus reducing temperatures inside a room or office even more.

When you´re at home (and after work) you can also opt for cooking outside. It’s always a nice experience to try some good old fashioned grill or barbecue for a change in your daily routine. Same goes for using solar-powered basic appliances, like phone and gadget chargers. They harvest the Sun´s energy and convert it for your device to use, so you don’t need to plug the charger to the electric grid. There are a few of these devices available on the web, quite efficient by the way. As technology evolves, their performance increases significantly with every new model. Try them, you won´t be disappointed.

Another important point that affects energy consumption during spring months is your refrigerator. It obviously takes less energy to conserve food on colder months, but when temperatures start to rise the engine unite and its other components need an extra amount of energy to maintain desired levels of coolness. Again, if you own a pet make sure the condenser coils of your refrigerator are clean of dust, hair and other kinds of debris. They are located in the back, and are often forgotten during the kitchen´s cleanup process.

As a final note regarding your refrigerator, remember to check the seals from each door (if it has multiple ones) to see if they are sealing well against the surface. A poor sealing condition can cause the unit to over work, requiring more energy to maintain the desired level of coolness for keeping your food fresh. Remember, the next six months are going to be warm so it’s better to prepare in advance.

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