Getting Gum Out of Your Carpet

The carpet in your home is a very useful thing for livening up the aura of your interiors. It can bring comfort and warmth to the feet and is a good decorating factor too. There are certainly many benefits to having carpet installed in your home. However, as a carpet owner and user, there are many things you need to consider too. This includes the ever-present concern of cleanliness which is more difficult to achieve with the carpet fibers and all the dirt the carpet gets exposed to. Another major concern is about keeping the quality and the life of your carpet for as long as possible.

Carpet cleaning must be done on a regular basis by yourself or by a professional carpet cleaner. There can be many issues that your carpet can be subjected to. Some of these issues include animal urine, molds, stains, etcetera.

For this article, we will tackle more on the issue of gum. When gum sticks to your carpet, it can be more difficult to remove than when it sticks to any other surface. Gum can be a problem when you have kids under the roof and it’s not entirely uncommon to find gum sticking to the carpet. The problem is that gum becomes more difficult to remove the longer you wait, especially when it’s sticking to your carpet fibers. You may not be a professional carpet cleaner but you need to act right away to keep your gum problem from getting worse. Getting gum off your carpet is one big carpet cleaning challenge.

Here are some tips that you can use:

  1. Freezing – you can try freezing the gum using ice cubes as a carpet cleaning option. You can put a handful or two of ice cubes in a plastic bag. Apply that on stuck gum on your carpet for thirty minutes before you start prying the gum off. You can actually pry the gum off using a dull knife or even your fingers, but you need to be extra careful to prevent carpet fibers from coming off along with the gum. You can get rid of the gum residue by using a small amount of liquid soap. Rub it on the gum residue and flush it with water. Dry your carpet thoroughly with paper towels and make sure that there will be no soap residue left.
  2. Heating – one carpet cleaning option is to use heat. You can do this by placing a clean cloth over the gum then heat that point with a hair dryer. Be careful not to use too much heat as this can damage your carpet. The gum will melt and stick to the cloth when heated, so you can lift it off your carpet. Rinse with a small amount of soap and make sure no soap residue is left on your carpet to avoid attracting dirt.

If you do not have the confidence of safely using these carpet cleaning tips despite our recommendations, you can also choose to hire a professional carpet cleaner.