Get the Best Diplomatic Help for Your Concerns

In order to get diplomatic appointment and title, the following methodology and process will have to be followed:

  1. First Contact – Initially, you will have to send us an email explaining the concern and other general details.
  2. Feasibility Check – Once we verify the feasibility of our approach to the concern you have stated, we will reply you back with the details.
  3. Documents Needed – The real work starts from here in dealing with your actual concern. We need to gather all the documents required for your preliminary verification, such as,
    1. Personal Biography
    2. Professional Proofs
    3. Current Passport photocopy
    4. Signed NDA/ Consulting Agreement
  4. Preparing the Action Plan – Now, the real action plan has to be prepared which should be followed mandatorily each and every step, in order to obtain the diplomatic appointment and title we will prepare a list of the countries that are ready to appoint persons like you, and what are the costs involved in each of those countries for obtaining a diplomatic appointment, and also prepare the details of the pros and cons of becoming a diplomat in all of those countries.
  5. Implementing the Action Plan – Now, the draft of the action plan has to be implemented in real, evaluation all the options that we have listed in the Action Plan and verify their outcomes, and thereby, choosing the right option. In this step, we will also do our campaigning activity in the country where we are seeking the diplomatic appointment, exactly as we have planned in the draft of the action plan.
  6. Obtain the Appointment – Finally, after successful campaigning activity in the country that we have succeeded, we will obtain the diplomatic appointment. With this, our action plan will be completed, and we have achieved the diplomatic appointment.

Honorary Consul Appointment

One of the most highly regarded and most respected members in the community are the Honorary Consuls. They are a part of the elite diplomatic corps and enjoy different types of privileges, protection and perks. Their cars wear the flying flags of their countries, no need to pay any parking tickets anywhere in the nation, they can use the fast lane to pass through the immigration in airports, they need not pay any taxes for real estate businesses and the best thing is that they can have their house and offices at off limits from the law enforcements. Just similar to career diplomats, they can enjoy all the international law and enjoy the same legal privileges.

In order to obtain honorary consul appointment, the decision will be made based on criteria that include age, experience, political and business connections, integrity, political views and charisma. The person need not participate in any election process to become as honorary consul. Once the person receives support from politicians and government officials, he is ready to become honorary consul.

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