Get Rid of These 7 Cleaning Mistakes to Ensure Perfect Cleanliness!

We all love our homes and we all want our homes to look as beautiful as possible but how many of us are actually ready to put in that amount of effort? For anything to sustain its beauty, it is evident that it is maintained on a consistent basis and more importantly maintained in the right way. Having said that, it is imperative to adopt the right approach to cleaning as not cleaning properly is like not cleaning at all!

All the dust, stains and debris stay there if your furniture, tiles, windows etc are not cleaned with perfection. So, let us go through some of the most common cleaning mistakes homeowners commit while cleaning their house in order to avoid the same in the future!

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to These 7 Cleaning Mistakes

  1. Using Dirty Rags

This is the probably the biggest mistake people commit while trying to clean anything. First of all they will not make their mind for cleaning and when they do, they will do it in a hurry. People simply pick up a rag and start cleaning with it, without even realizing that the rag is a dirty one which they had used earlier. This rag will hardly clean anything!

  1. Spraying Directly on a Surface

When you are trying to clean a surface, it is important that you spray the product on the cloth first and then rub it off the surface. Just make sure that the cloth is dry and clean. This not only saves the amount of cleaner used but helps in cleaning more efficiently by focusing on one area at one time.

  1. Not Cleaning the Toilet Brush

Your toilet brush is one of your best cleaning friends as not only it helps in cleaning your toilet but also keeps away the foul smell from your toilet. The mistake which people commit over here is that they do not rinse the toilet brush with water after using it. A toilet brush encompasses a lot of germs while cleaning the toilet and it is important that you free it from these germs by washing it. Using the same brush again and again will not kill the germs ever!

  1. Side to Side Cleaning

This is more like getting the technical aspect of cleaning right. When you are cleaning side to side, you are cleaning the dirt from one side and bringing back the dirt from the other side again to the surface. The perfect way to clean a surface is by adopting either a “Z” OR “S” pattern approach. This is so because once the dirt gets cleaned; it does not get the opportunity to go back to the cleaned surface.

  1. Thinking More Yields Maximum Results

This is a misconception that not only is prevailing in this field but throughout each and every field. People think that using more cleaning liquid or spray will help them get the job done faster with the best results. However, it is not the case as a dirty surface gets cleaned with the minimum of the amount required to do the job if done correctly. If you over spray or pour the liquid, it tends to slow down your process of cleaning as you are not able to use your hands more freely and effectively. Moreover, it leads to wastage of the product and hence the money!

  1. Cleaning Windows in Bright Sunlight

Although most of the things to be washed or cleaned should be done in proper lighting so as to see the stain and dust clearly but this rule does not apply on window cleaning. The reason behind this is the fact that on a bright sunny day, the sunlight does not allow proper cleaning. The rays which come from the sun dries the soap and the cleaning liquid way too quickly before you can actually start scrubbing down the stain. So, in order to clean your windows perfectly, wait for a cool day instead!

  1. Cleaning Too Fast

It is a known fact throughout the world that when you do something in a hurry, it never gets done correctly. This holds pretty true in the case of cleaning too. When we are in a rush to clean a surface, we simply move our hand to and froth but are actually missing on important spots and moving the dirt from one place to another. Rather, one should clean one thing at a time in case one is not having sufficient time and do the other things satisfactorily whenever one gets the time.




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