Get relief from Sinus Problem with herbal medicine of Salveo

Cure sinus infection as well as regain health with the herbal medicine of Salveo Life Sciences. In fact, only herbal ingredients are used for its preparation and they also do not cause side effects.

Sinusitis is the inflammation as well as swelling of tissues covering the sinuses. In a normal situation, the sinuses are filled with air but when they are filled with fluid or blocked, it would cause sinusitis. Normally, this kind of infection occurs because of the attack of harmful virus and it can persist even when other symptoms of upper respiratory problems are diminished by all possible ways. Occasionally, fungi or bacteria cause this kind of infection. Other factors like tooth infection, nasal polyps as well as allergies trigger this type of ailment. While an acute infection continues for four to five days and it is mostly caused due to allergy or cold, the chronic one continues for more than seven weeks and recurs time and again.

The symptoms of both chronic and acute sinusitis are more and less similar in nature. For instance, pain is regarded as the most common symptom of this disease. You have different kinds of sinuses below and above the eyes and behind your nose. Any of these areas are affected when you suffer from this ailment at any time.
When you are afflicted with this infection, you need to blow your nose due to the presence of yellowish-greenish nasal discharge. In fact this kind of discharge usually occurs because of infected sinuses. Relentless pressure and swelling of sinuses often lead to an acute headache. You may also experience chronic pain on ear, tooth or even inside the cheeks or jaws. Since the discharge of sinuses occurs on the back side of throat, it causes a lot of irritation. In fact, it often causes coughing bout which usually worsens while you are lying down on the bed.

The home remedies for sinus infection often are used by several people in order to get fast relief from this disease. For instance, drinking tea, juice and water without sugar is the best way to stay hydrated. These fluids can remove mucus and also offer relief from this ailment by all possible means. You should avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine or anything that can cause dehydration. According to recent research, you can also get relief from acute congestion caused due to sinus infection if you drink soup on a regular basis.

The above-mentioned home remedies are less effective because the patients usually take long time to get relief from this ailment. Various nasal sprays are available in the market that can reduce blockage of the nose but only on a temporary basis. The over-the-counter medicines also should be prevented because they bring in side effects and cause damage to health.

Salveo Life Sciences, a popular herbal medicine manufacturer, offers effective herbal drug called Sepno that is more effective for treatment of sinus than the home remedies. This kind of medicine can be prepared from herbal ingredients such as guggul, Tinospora cordifolia and Glycyrrhia glabra. Sepno syrup and tablets are effective and they also ensure that the inflammatory problems are managed in the best possible way. The best part is that both the children and adults can use Sepno syrup and tablets safely.

Unlike home remedies for sinus infection, Sapno tablets and syrup of Salveo prove to be effective for curing this ailment naturally. Apart from sinusitis, Salveo also comes up with herbal remedies for indigestion, arthritis, urinary tract infection, diabetes, skin problem and much more.

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