Friction Hinges- High on strength but small in size

Sometimes it is the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Consider the friction hinges for example. Some people consider it to be the greatest invention after wheel. It is used regularly in every home and we couldn’t live without them.

There are various types of friction hinge design available these days. Instead of dragging yourself to every hardware store in the tri-state area, why don’t you shop online? You can check out a wide range of hinges available and get the ones you really want rather than setting for what you can get locally. From t-strap hinges to butt hinges, concealed and decorative hinges, the only way to find them all is by shopping online. You may browse the world of hinges by clicking links by sitting right at the convenience of your home.

There are different kinds of friction and constant torque hinges available in the market today. They vary in density, size and use. Some are also marked right or left handed depending on what side of the door you are going to use them on. This doesn’t really matter as you can simply flip them over and they become left or right handed as required. You also truly can’t go to small business due to the strength of the hinges. They are usually 8 to 10 times stronger than the job and as long as they are proportional to the door, there is nothing you have to be concerned about.

One of the most common types of hinge is the butt hinge. It comprises of two flaps with screw holes held together by a rod or pin. It is most frequently used on cabinets and doors. Another common type of hinge is the t-strap hinge. The hinge is T shaped with the horizontal part attaching to the frame and the vertical part attaching to the door. This hinge type is generally seen on the garage doors and the box lids and can be quite decorative. It also varies in styles right from art deco to colonial and beyond.

Some people don’t like using hinge at all. In such situation they should invest in the friction hinges. They are generally used in the doors and completely get hidden when the door closes. There are also gate hinges and piano hinges. These hinges are made to open completely.

The hinge type you choose depends on the type of door you have and also your preferences. There are 3 types of door such as flush, overlay and lipped. Lipped doors come along with a lip around them, the overlay door rests on the door frame and a flush door rests in the frame. If you have an overlay door, then the pivot hinge will be the right choice for you.

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