Forgiveness and forbearance – Importance Teachings of Islam

Choosing Low Cost Hajj Packages with Road to Makkah will help you in maintain your journey in better way because we provide complete demonstration to our customers.  In that demonstration all the guidance is provided including obligatory rituals, prohibited acts and pre journey requirements. One of the pre journey requirements includes forgiveness. You are a human being and it is clearly mentioned in Quran that we are not perfect and mistakes are always expected. But on the other hand Allah has also given us a way to get ourselves out from the state of constant guilty which is known as repentance. When you do the sin, your conscience reminds you and tries to wake you up but still we ignore it. This is basically a call from Allah who gives you a chance to turn away from the wrong path. People on this earth will never give you a second chance but there is Allah who is most merciful and will always give you chances to repent on what you have done. Inspired by the mercy of Allah Prophet (PBUH) also adopted the path of forgiveness, he was used to forgive his enemies and never back out from asking for the pardon, then no matter it is from Allah or from the people.  Our Low Cost Hajj Packages are designed keeping your budget constraints in mind and guidelines will be the part of packages. Before going for the journey of Hajj make sure to forgive others and also ask for it so that no guilt or burden will accompany you on the journey. This was the part of pre journey preparations, during all the tour of Hajj there one thing you will require most which is known as tolerance. Hajj is the journey to surrender you in front of Allah. He (ALLAH) has some tests for you, which you have to pass with great patience and tolerance.  Move on your way and try to complete the rituals keeping patience.

Road to Makkah is providing a complete package for your memorable journey of Hajj this year. So, choose your desired Low Cost Hajj Packages now before it is taken by someone else.


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