Five things you probably didn’t know about H1B visa

H1B visa is for non immigrants which are issued by the United States of America. Non immigrants are those people who have their permanent residence somewhere else but are located for the time being in other country on a temporary basis for various reasons. It is issued under the Immigration and Nationality Act in the US. This visa is issued to the foreign working class who wants to work in the United States so that the employers in the U.S can employ the people in specialty occupations. If a worker’s H1B visa is cancelled due to some reason then the worker shall apply for another non immigrant status or can find a new employer. If he does not do so then he will have to leave the country.

Here are five things about H1B visa title that you must know

  1. If you want to apply for H1B visa then remember that new applications are accepted only once in a year on April 1. The provision gets closed when the number reaches to 65,000 visas plus an extra 20,000 visas which is reserved for the people with advanced degrees. If the window gets closed which means that the occupancy is full then you cannot apply until next year in April. Those who are successful get their visas on October 1 in the same year of application. The applications for H1B visa tend to vary from year to year, so you should not consider it to be static or make decision on the basis of past year’s data of applications that were received.


  1. It is not the only way to hire the people who are not US citizens. There are some other options as well. TN visa can be obtained by Canadian and Mexican citizens to work in the US. E-3 visa is issued for Australian workers. Free trade agreements with other countries also determine the provision of hiring workers from other country which may not require H1B visa.


  1. Holding a bachelor degree does not qualify anyone for H1B visa. It is just one of the few requirements. Your qualification must match with the job offer that you are receiving from the employer. For say if the job is related to marketing then you must have a relevant degree related to that field, it will not work if you are holding a degree in accounting and are applying for the post of marketing executive.


  1. It is not necessary that only a very large company may obtain H1B visas for their employees. Any employer in the US can begin the petition for an H1B employee if it is an entity in the US and has the Employer Identification Number issued by IRS i.e. Internal Revenue Service. Small companies may need to give details about their business and financial information in an additional way, but it does not mean that they should have certain revenue to fulfill the criteria or a certain number of employees working for them to obtain H1B visas for the employees they want to hire.


  1. H1B visa is an employer specific visa. You can only work for that employer who has petitioned for it. If it is cancelled due to some reason then you have to file for another non immigrant status or find a new employer who can file the petition for H1B visa for you. If you are working for more than one employer then the concurrent H1B visa needs to be filed by the new employer. There is also no restriction to travel in and out of US if you have H1B visa and you will have to pay same taxes as US citizens.

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