Five pointers to Selecting the Right Recruiting Agency in Los Angeles

Using a recruitment agency to fulfill staffing requirements can save your organization hundreds of productive hours that would be otherwise wasted in sifting resumes and managing interviews. However, not all recruiting agencies are created equal. So how do you select the right recruiting agency in Los Angeles? Here are a few pointers to narrow down your options and select the best from the pool of talent.


General recruiters work fine for organizations that want to recruit candidates for a myriad of positions. If your company is looking to hire candidates for more specialized roles, you need to look for a specialist recruiter.

Candidates with specific skills are more in demand and may be difficult to find. Recruiting agencies who are specialists in a particular field can offer higher-skilled candidates in comparison to general recruiters. Their industry knowledge, expertise, and wider networks enable them to reach top talent much faster in comparison to other recruiters.

Reputation Matters

Before you select a recruiting agency, check its reputation. It is easy for every recruiting agency to say they are the best but that may not be true. To recruit top talent, you need to work with a reputable recruiter who has been working in the industry for a long time and has developed a good rapport with candidates and business leaders.

Working with an established recruiting agency in Los Angeles has several behind-the-scenes benefits. They will not be under pressure to select candidates to keep their agency afloat. Instead, an established agency will go that extra mile to find top candidates to ensure their reputation remains intact.

Wider Reach

If you have searched local job markets and have not been able to find suitable candidates, a well-established recruiting agency might be of good help. They will tap into their network to find top candidates for you. These candidates are passive job seekers who are working elsewhere and not actively looking for a job. However, these candidates are in contact with recruiting agencies and open for a right job opportunity.

Customer Service

The recruiting agency should provide a high level of customer service to you. They should consult and involve you in every recruitment stage and you should never feel abandoned during the whole recruitment task.

If you are facing difficulty in reaching the right people of the recruitment agency, it is time to move ahead and look for another professional recruiter.

The Candidate Pool

It is by far the most important aspect when selecting a recruiting agency. The primary goal of a recruiter is to provide top candidates for every position. Top recruiters are known to work hard to gather candidate’s data and place them in the talent pool.

The talent pool is a database maintained by recruiting agencies which have detailed information about candidates suitable for different roles. Some of the information stored in a talent pool is a :

·  Candidate’s past experience

·  Profession

·  Industry sector

·  Active or Passive job seeker

·  Salary requirements

A well-established recruiting agency will have a large number of the right candidates waiting in the wings and your organization will not do the heavy lifting required to search loads of data to find top candidates.

The above pointers are a strong measure to test the effectiveness of recruiting agency in Los Angeles in finding the right talent. If the agency meets your specific hiring requirements and the rates are reasonable, proceed and select the recruiting agency.


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