Five Must Explore Weekend Getaways You Need To Visit When You Have an Apartment in Barog

A fun weekend marks the beginning of a pleasing week that’s why it’s important to live those two days in best possible manner. Himachal is the state that hosts an amazing amount of crowd from the Delhi-NCR and there are plenty of reasons for it. Himachal has wonderful hill stations with abundant beautiful landscapes ready to be explored. A vacation to Himachal is always a joyful idea because once somebody reaches here they hardly want to go back. It is in the peaceful ambiance and luxury of nature in Himachal that attracts you towards it. You can have one of the best weekends of your life in Himachal so let me introduce you to some amazing ideas.

If wanderlust is something that enriches you then buying the second home in Himachal might already be on your mind. In fact, you may also be exploring the options for Apartments in Himachal Pradesh. But why not shift your focus to Barog for the amazing apartment option. Barog is the new emerging destination to have your second home at and the luxury of nature and serenity makes it an ideal place to live.

Barog is also an interesting destination to have some weekend fun with both your family as well as friends. You will never fall short of ideas and expeditions when you are in Barog. To simplify your quest for making the weekend plan, here are five interesting weekend travel ideas to help you out. Come on and read along –

  1. Visit Mohan Heritage Park with Family – Mohan Heritage Park is located in Solan district and is entirely based on the Vedas and ancient culture of India. The park is located in the ‘Hart Village’ and is extremely reachable from Barog. This park is located in the middle of the hills and has some of the most beautiful statues of Hindu gods and goddesses. This destination is best to be explored with your family!
  2. Attend Early Prayer Session at Jyoti Temple – Attending the Morning Prayer session uplifts your mood for the entire day and is a peaceful experience. You can visit the Jyoti Temple that is located in Barog for this kind of an experience. The temple is beautiful and peaceful enough to rejuvenate your soul on an early morning on the weekend. Offer some flowers and sweets in the temple and then head for all the other activities that you have planned.
  3. Engage in some adventure by Paragliding – If seeking some adventure is your idea of a perfect weekend then you may engage in Para-gliding at Barog. The ideal time to take the para-gliding is from February to June and From September to November. You will find amazingly affordable adventure sports in Barog without even traveling to some other destination in Himachal.
  4. Have a Dinner at Spencer Restaurant – A weekend dinner at Spencer Restaurant will be a memorable experience for you. This restaurant is famous for its delicacies among locals and tourists coming here from all around the world. It has an interesting history associated with it that dates back to the British Era. It is a high altitude restaurant serving flavorsome cuisines to please your taste buds. Make sure that you indulge in this experience at least once.
  5. Plan an Expedition to Suketi Fossil Park – To have an amazing outdoor expedition in Barog, visit Suketi Fossil Park. This park is situated in the Shiwalik Range and lies on the bank of Markanda River. The park holds some of the most interesting fossils of pre-historic animals and skeletons that used to exist millions of years ago. This will be a unique weekend experience for you!

Find interesting Flats in Himachal Pradesh at Barog to enjoy all these weekend destinations frequently!

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