Fence Companies in Chicago

Chicago has multiple contractors who build and install customized fences for households as well as companies, but the trick is to separate the reliable ones from the shady ones, i.e. the companies who will erect a fence that will stay for more than a year over the ones that do a shoddy job and call it a day.

Usually, all townships and areas/ sectors require home owners to obtain the necessary permissions from the concerned authorities before they can start constructing a fence in and/ or around their property. In most cases, the process is fairly simple and all residents need is a contract for the fence installation and a copy of the plat survey of the region, which is basically an officially drawn map of a land area that defines the boundaries between different parcels of property to scale.


Most fence laying companies also advice the home owners to consult first with their local homeowners’ association to avoid any confusion or complication at the time of installation of the desired fence.


There are many different fence company Chicago for laying fences, like SP Fence, Estrada Fences, North West Cedar Products, etc. NWCP in particular offers a very flexible approach to fencing and is customer focused instead of product focused. They offer free estimation of the house and free consulting in which is the best option for the home owner. Once the fence is chosen, customers are asked to sign a contract to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that both parties- the customer and the contractor- are on the same page.


Most fence companies in Chicago use a special method to ensure that the fences are correctly aligned. This is done by placing underground markers which are then followed at the time of the installation by a seasoned crew who finish the job within hours. However, to ensure that the fences are accurately placed, home owners have to prevent themselves from disturbing or destroying the pre-placed markers. A select few companies also offer after sales services, i.e. they offer their customers free servicing if something goes wrong with the fence within the stipulated period.


This helps reinforce customer trust in the company and in this way, the company gains valuable goodwill. There is no shortage of fence companies in Chicago, but it is a tough task to separate from the muck the reliable companies. Very few of the contractors have a one hundred percent satisfied customer base and it must be the aim of home owners to employ these few contractors. This can be done only after a decent amount of research and asking around. Word of mouth is still a dominant factor in this sector.

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