Fashion trend – Shirts in men’s wardrobe

When it comes to men’s clothing style, the first thing to cross your mind is shirts. They have been representing men’s fashion since decades. As they are a must work wear at many places, formal shirts are common to be seen in men’s wardrobe.

Except for the basic design, fashion designers have tried their hands on bringing variations in the look and style of shirts, be it formal or casual.  While cuts may be the same as worn by grandpas of the older generation, color and style have improved for better. Colors are brighter, collars are flattering, cuffs are stylish and there’s a lot more to watch out for.

There has been a time when shirts were seen at formal gatherings and offices, teamed with a pair of formal trousers, but now the latest trend makes them a stylish street wear. They can be pulled off with jeans and jackets for a more casual yet classy look. In fact, many people prefer shirts over clinging t-shirts that actually highlight their weak areas – larger tummy, love handles, etc.

Shirts make a smart choice

With the changing fashion trend, men have become too obsessed about their overall look and appearance. They do not want to look underdressed or downright scruffy at all. Spending some time in front of their mirror is the new habit of modern men. Whether it’s about getting dressed for office or an evening party, they act selective with their clothes. As a result, they look around for options that can help them create a perfect style without actually making a huge investment.

Selecting the right shirt

There may be formal and casual shirts. But, there also options that do not appear too formal i.e. they can be great to don a formal as well casual look. A plain white shirt may seem safe, but it may also give an impression of the wearer going for an interview or a business meeting. But, when that while shirt has simple stripes or a slightly different cut with a stylish cuff, teaming it up with a pair of jeans can give a cool look. Jeans is a comfortable wear that can be perfectly coupled with shirts for a stylish appearance. Overall, the choice of top and bottom wear should depend on the environment, season and the occasion. Shirts are great for summers too, given that a smart choice has been made.

The look matters

Too casual or too formal is not the modern look. Semi-formal is what the latest trend supports. Even the suits have undergone impressive makeover to offer men with some great options to get styled for an occasion. Similarly, there are shirts to complement those suits to create a perfect ensemble for men.

In general, there are different options available under men formal shirts and casual clothing. Only thing that needs is to make the right choice depending upon the occasion and the people they will be surrounded with. For instance, looks for a date and an outing with close friends should be different.

Options with brands like Cavana Clothing can be great. Only thing required is a careful selection of the right shirt.

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