Famous tourist spots to visit in Belgium

Belgium boasts number of important cultural and historical sites and is Favorite European tourist Cities & destination. It may be small country but is packed with sights. From castles and medieval belfries to hip cafes and innovative art museums, this compact country effortlessly blends historic with new. Its exquisite medieval towns are home to bounty of UNESCO sites. With three official languages and intense regional rivalry between French-speaking south and Flemish-speaking North threatens to split country in two. This small nation has been at forefront of Europe’s history with continents most important events taken place across its countryside. It was in Belgium where Napoleon met his match at battle of Waterloo, and during both First and Second World Wars, this nation thrust into frontline. Below given are top rated tourist attractions in this country:

  1. Belfry and Halle: Bruges

The most recognizable sight in Belgium is beautiful Belfry and Halle which dominates main square. Dating from medieval era, this impressive building was once main town market hall and allows visitors to get real taste of architectural of Middle Ages. A hike up to 366 winding and narrow steps of Belfry is must-experience activity. After reaching at the top, views of church and steeple roofs provide country’s most famous panoramas.

  1. Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent

With Gothic choir and Romanesque crypt, this majestic cathedral showcases best of religious architecture in Belgium. With its harmonious stained glass windows, this soaring building is highlight in itself. Many visitors come here to see famous artwork, especially Flemish masterpiece which is known as The Altar of Ghent. Additionally, don’t miss mammoth crypt which is under the cathedral and contains beautiful wall paintings and important tombs.

  1. Ghent’s Gravensteen

This impressive fort was grand home of counts of Flanders who took inspiration for castle-building from bulky castles. It is one of Europe’s best surviving examples of moated fortress and is well-preserved. Its thick, strong and high walls soar up from waters of the river Lieve in the middle of old town. In chambers and arched halls contain exhibits of medieval life.

  1. Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges

If you want to visit only one church in Bruges, choose this one. The Basilica of the Holy Blood is impressive due to its blending Gothic and Romanesque architecture, and also for sacred relic kept inside. The upper chapel has famous vial due to which church takes its name; there is drop of Jesus Christ’s blood that was brought back after Second Crusade. The interior of this church is dazzling gild work which was completed in 16th century.

  1. Meuse Valley

In the South of the country, Meuse Valley is best place to see Belgium’s lush countryside. It is the perfect opportunity to take trip along river watching beautiful scenery and dense forests backed by limestone cliffs. The towns of Dinant and Namur act as gateway to this region, which has host of cycling and hiking trails.

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