Fall Deeper in Love with These Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Want to sweep your woman off her feet? How about checking out our luxurious honeymoon packages that will take you to destinations you’ve only dreamt of visiting. Check out these budget honeymoon destinations that will make all your romantic dreams come true.


Magical Fiji Islands

Celebrate your love walking hand-in-hand on the private beaches of Fiji with the love of your life. Explore azure waters splashing against the shores as you let love take you away. Stay at luxury villas, swim across the wide pools, indulge in some water sports, or simply enjoy a quiet romantic dinner at the beautiful restaurants on the islands.


Mystical Greece

Sandy beaches, romantic resorts and an inviting climate, Greece is your perfect honeymoon destination. Dive in the blue waters with ‘the one’ as you marvel at corals, watch the stars shine down upon the clear waters or walk hand-in-hand as the cool breeze brushes against your skin.


Exotic Seychelles

The Seychelles is an exotic getaway that’s secluded enough to allow you to spend a romantic honeymoon falling deeper and deeper in love with each other. Get adventurous and indulge in some water sports, enjoy a private stay in some of the most luxurious resorts and villas on the islands.


Wild Kenya

Get ‘wild’ with the wild. If you both have got that adventure spirit in you, take off for a honeymoon to Kenya. One of the best countries for wildlife, it’s an adventurously romantic holiday that awaits you here. Enjoy a ride on a hot air balloon while you enjoy spectacular views from above or dine amidst the trees and jungles as you watch the wild pass by. Enjoy thrilling hunts and kills as you watch the animals in their natural habitat.


Royal Morocco

Here in Morocco, you can experience fantasy in the true sense of the word, making it one of the best countries for a romantic honeymoon. Walk around with your love as you listen to the call of prayers. Filled with beauty, antiques and spices, the two of you can enjoy a quiet sunset as you sip on a cup of brewed tea in Fez or Marrakesh. Experience the beauty of sleeping in the middle of the desert as you watch the stars look down upon you.


Whether you’re looking to start your married life on a thrilling note, or simply want to kick back and relax after your hectic wedding functions, you can definitely find a honeymoon that suits your mood. Book yourself on any of our honeymoon tour packages and experience love all over again!

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