Eye shadow: 6 mistakes that you should avoid

Eye shadow is often omitted in the daily make-up routine. No wonder – when applying, many things can go wrong. We will show you the most common mistakes and give you tips on what you can do better in the future

Once the eye shadow is applied correctly, it provides a true wow effect on the face. These mistakes should be better handled when applying make-up:

  1. Apply the concealer beforehand

For many, certainly surprising: The concealer is only applied after the eye shadow. Because during the eye shadow make-up, small crumbs can fall on the lower eye part and stick in the freshly applied concealer.

  1. No primer is used

For a perfect hold you should use a primer. This ensures a simple application of the color. Either you use a special primer eye shadow, or they have an eye shadow that matches your skin color. The primer is painted onto the movable eyelid to the eyebrow.

  1. On the brush is too much eye shadow

This reason also leads to unsightly eye shadow crumbs under the eye. Take a little paint on your brush and repeat this process several times. Professionals knock off the brush before applying it on their backs of the hand so that the excess color falls off and only as much eye shadow on the eyelid comes as needed.

  1. The eye shadow is not properly veneered

After a primer has been applied and the excess eye shadow has been tapped from the brush, the eye shadow must now be properly veneered. “Pull” the paint from inside to outside in gentle, short lines until the eyelid is fully veneered. If you use eyeliner, you should also blind the eyeliner so that the look looks more natural.

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  1. Apply too much eye shadow below the eye

Eye shadow under the eyes can produce a great effect. But the whole eye should never be framed with eye shadows. The look looks hard and the eyes look small and tired. Apply the eye shadow with a thin brush from the outermost corner of the eye at most halfway below the eye. If you do not want to use an eye shadow for the lower eye part, you can also emphasize your eyes with a dark eyelid pencil.

  1. The eye shadow does not match the rest of the make-up

So that your eye make-up is right, make your lips in a subtle color. Absolute No-Go: Smokey Eyes and Red Lips! Always focus on one part of your face and highlight it accordingly.

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