Explore The Sexiest Trends In Wedding Bands This Season!

Wedding bands

Are you searching for that perfect, unique and stylish wedding band? Well, you’ve landed up at the right place. We have the best and the latest collection of the hottest trends. Discover the sexiest styles this season and choose the one you love:

A concoction of gemstones and diamonds:

Ladies have always loved diamonds. So, here’s a trend that is going to deepen their love for diamonds even more. Mixing gemstones with diamonds is the hottest trend this season. No matter whatever style you choose to mix and match the gemstones and diamonds, the concoction is sure to take you and everyone else by surprise.

Diamond and gemstone

Five stone bands:

So, when it comes to diamonds, why limit to just a single piece on your finger. It’s time to switch to the five stone bands. These bands are elegant and have  a couple variations that let you get the most of or your money.

Five stone

Square bands:

Yes, square bands! For those who feel round ones are too mainstream and want something unique, these square rings are a perfect choice. These bands are sleek and more comfortable than their round counterparts as square edges won’t pinch your fingers.


Bands inspired by nature:

These bands consist of settings that evoke vines, leaves, and buds.  These bands are loved by the nature lovers as they reflect their affection for the outdoors efficaciously.

Nature inspired

East-west setting bands:

Designed for the brides who want something unique so as to stand out from the crowd, east/west settings are the best option available. The east-west setting bands have the diamond on its side. The band is styled in such a way that the diamond lies horizontally on the finger to give that vintage vibe.


Scrollwork bands:

This one is the hottest of all trends. These bands are styled according to a vintage inspired style that consists of flourishes that resemble scrolls. These bands add up to that glam factor that gets everyone drooling.


So, which one’s your favorite?

Source: Party Vapours

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